IT man

It was going close to a quarter past 10 at night. The platform level of Outram Park MRT station was bustling with noise from every corner. Stories of a hard day at work. Laughter from jokes with a friend. Music blasting from terrible ear pieces. Heads bowed down to worship the holy screen. But each to their own, everyone was minding their own businesses.
Almost all but one.
"You! Why you.... ..." an indiscernible but loud voice barely came through the first time. Heads turned to the source of the commotion as it turns audibly louder and more distinct. A guy in his mid-50s perhaps, dressed in your normal uncle wear -- white tee with khaki shorts that stopped short in the knees. A guy in his thirties, well-dressed and holding on to a huge luggage. The shoutings came from the older guy. I guess he was drunk because I could not really make out what he was saying apart from a few 'you Bangladeshi... go back home... here Singapore you know...'. I didn't have t…


It's long over. It's in the unchangeable past. It's my own fear and mistake.But tell me why do I feel so much during nights as such?

The wait

It is excruciating.

Seconds ticks by, minutes crawls by, and then hours and days and months...

When nothing is set but you know something is brewing and is tying you down, that has got to be the most annoying thing in the world. You want to run and be carried away by the wind where it brings you but you can't. You want to fly and soar and get out of there but you can't.

The heavy anchor is there. The faulty compass is there. And the weight? So it is there.

I just wish for a huge tsunami to come along and just destroy the anchor, or whatever this is.

Adult decisions to make

Hi guys, I have never ever felt more troubled and indecisive in my life. I am torn between two choices that I think would greatly shape my life course and future.

There is this one side where I wish to pursue what I am really interested in but I am not sure if it would amount to anything in my life, has zero footings and dubious payback. The other is a field that I wouldn't mind, in fact still am pretty interested in and might give me a push in a good direction.

Such important decisions.... help. Please let me be more decisive. There are too many 'what ifs' and 'EY WAIT ARE YOU SURE' going through my brain and I'm so so so stuck. To go for something uncertain but has a glimpse of your dream or to be realistic and hold onto your best possible lifebuoy..

Rose tinted glasses

Je vois la vie en rose

萧敬腾 《天亮了》



Maybe it's the 3am but maybe it was the wishful thinking and then reality check, revelation and then more.Things are pretty bad still aren't they.
Why... you're a pretty good actor I must say, you had me.
I feel like I've dropped 10 feet and still am falling.