萧敬腾 《天亮了》



Maybe it's the 3am but maybe it was the wishful thinking and then reality check, revelation and then more.Things are pretty bad still aren't they.
Why... you're a pretty good actor I must say, you had me.
I feel like I've dropped 10 feet and still am falling.

Cockroach ride

Today I shared a lift with an auntie, probably in her mid-50s and... a gigantic and disturbingly active cockroach!It turned out to be a hilarious ride of me screaming non-stop in higher octaves, her grunting random 'wa's and also, of both of us stomping our feet while running around in circles as with the cockroach. Thank goodness I wasn't alone!


When that few digits on a piece of paper doesn't reflect your efforts that you've poured in or part of your soul that you have sold off, you can't help but start to wonder if you are just dumb or dumb. Where did it all go wrong? Why did it all go wrong? Why did I even try so much? Knowing it would be so bad, again? It would have been real nice if the results showed because then, I would be able to know that I can do it if I did it properly and put my mind to it. But since it doesn't, it's like I am not meant to be. I am a little less than what I think I am.
I know these are small things in life that probably wouldn't make a difference in my life in the future but... small disappointments are still setbacks. Things you thought would turn better and they don't still eats away that little hope, faith and confidence. It's still bugs me.

The one with grey eyes turns 81!

This year we celebrated yeye's 81st birthday a little different from having the normal tzechar 10-course meal under a HDB and spiced things up to a restaurant -- Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant. Totally loved that yeye dressed up to the nines, he looked so suave!

 I really really do hope for yeye to be in the pink of health forever and ever. May you drink more chinese tea everyday and cycle more everyday so that your body remains as healthy as it is today! And..... guess who is going to China with this amazing man?! YES ME, and not forgetting the others haha. I am actually really excited for this particular trip because 1) I can finally get to see where yeye and our ancestors came from -- Putien 2) we are possibly going meeting some of the long-distant family we only saw once every blue moon 3) getting to experience all that rich culture and history.


Saturday Night

It's Saturday night. I was out studying for a couple of hours when dad said he would be cooking his own dinner and mine too, yay! Dinner was a simple fare. A little bland, a little roughly put together but hoo, it was nothing short of warmth. That feeling of just.. not having to get your own takeaways, lonely dinner times, forced thought process of whether that carbohydrate is worth it when you get so conscious of what you are purchasing and consuming.. (Well I should really get to making my own meals and for my family too but but but the only cooking I've done up was excuses!) But yes, so dinner was great. We had it together while watching TV, which was showing The Tuxedo, starring Jackie Chan and all. It was going great until the film ended and I got really bored just sitting and watching the TV. Our MioTv like always, was down -- an ongoing issue that has been pissing me off because I've had one of the technician over to change an entire MioTv set-up to box and it's…