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Tml going camping at east coast ler.. ^^
Going to staeover der fer 1 nite..
Going wif my famili..
Abt 1~2 lyke dat go der..
Den mayb going cycling or setting up dhe tent.
Den abt 5 or 6 pm lyke dat.
Hab bbq. Juz nw go kallang bahru
de NTUC buy tings ler..
eg. chicken wing, marsh mallow, honey, tibits, drinks.
Den tml morning going to Yio Chu Kang cc
tke books. textbks. =)


Wuahahas. Todae 2 pm den wke up..
Den yi qi lai jiu you pizza eat^^
Mummi mke de..
So bagus! =D
Den juz nw daddi you mke haohao ler..
Nw my hse gt 2 com lers. ^^
Den juz nw korkor boliao..
Wan 2 com go in maple pq tgt..
Damn lame lors..
Lan siah.. my korkor gt ac oso miss
Ahah.. Den jiu bo plae ler..
Come blogblog.. =)


Cong zuo wan ton dao xian zai XD
Nw de tyme ; 7.02am
Ton wif jieje.. She plae maple
den i sit bside plae sims =)
Lols.. Juz nw at 1am++
Whole famili go shui chun eat dim sum :))
So bagus! ^^
Den eat ler jiu come hme rest rest,
Den jiu plae com lors.. =D
I nw gt a bit hungri ler =x
Juz nw jiejie ask mi wan go morning jogging mahs,
den i bo repli ( cuz stunt zhu?) den jiejie jiu shuo, "
Aiyah.. Ni bu hui qu de lahs!"
Diao. Den jiu bo go zai jia li blog lors =]
At 6am dhe breeze so cooling siah..
Btw, during ton, i drank loads n loads n loads of
water siah.. ^^
Hehehe.. :DD
Juz nw plae de sims shi juz cre8ed de..
=D den nw gt abit furniture here..
gt abit funiture der.. aiyah.. everiwhre lors.
==" diao.
Hmm.. I feel peace!
Hah! Lmaos.
19 dec posting results den come out. T^T
So long siah..
Deng le hui ( bek chek ) .
Tink no1 will undastand bahs! =D
Kaes. Nth to post abt ler..
Mayb going shui jia0 ler.. Mayb..
Hmm.. Meng zai ler.. Arh bye =D


Juz posted dhe S1 option form..
Scared post rong info siah..
My choices ;
1) Geylang Meth Sec
2) Balestier Hill Sec 3) Tanjong Katong Sec 4) Broadrick Sec
5) Bendemeer Sec 6) Bartley Sec

Hope i get into gm bahs! =D
Cuz alot fwens oso going der.
Muahahahahs. ^^
Todae raining.. So shiok siah..
Cool cool de.. =D
Raining sui jia0 is dhe bez man! =)
I go plae other tings loh.
Arh bye :)) -- 26-11-07``01.08pm


Wahs.. Leis wors.. Ytd ton dao 5am den 10am wke up..
Den todae summre go arh gong jia..
Den plae football.. Leg damn pain siah
`` Althou i anihw kik o.O

Going to submit dhe S1 option form lohs..
Tink tml bahs.. =x
Gm as my first choice! =D
Looking foward to a brand new sch !~
Ello to all dhe gm members! =D
Next sat mayb going camping wif my famili at ECP fer 1 nite. =D
+ gt bbq =D
Bt mayb nt going cuz morning hab to go"tke" bks.
Boo..! Haix..
Hope still can go camping !~
Kaes. i go shui jia0 lohs..
Zai jian.. Sibeh tired. ><"
-- 26-11-07``02.10am


Todae gt results loh.. ^^
Ahah.. =D
So relac nw ler..
Hw i feel b4 i get my results ;

Hmm.. Quite tense bahs.. Meng zai wors. =D

Quite satisfied wif my aggregate.. -^^-
Bt my daddi sae lan wors!! T^T
BOO!!!!! :'((
My aggregate ; 232
- Mummi bo offence wors!! ><" -
Heng i gt higher den my sista siah..
If nt u will c my pic at tml den newspaper ler loh.. =DD
Okae dat's all.. Wan an !~ MWARKS!!!! `` 23-11-07 [ 12.57am]


Todae gt results loh!! ^^
11.30am den leave hse.. Nw still earli~~
Sien.. Hope get gud gud results!
&& to all my dear fwens ;

" All dhe bez to u all!! "

Keke. =DD
Hmm. dunno wad to sae ler wors.. ltr going to mit all of my classmates + schmates fer dhe laz tyme loh!! ^^ Carn wait fer it.. ><"
Tralalas. B4 i leave i go plae games loh..!
Muz relac myself!! ^^
Ahah.. Ltr den will get all tense up ler.


ohmygod ! getting our PSLE results tml liao !
hope that i will get more than 230 ?
no matter what's my score, i'll go gm =D
most of my fwens are going gm too, haha .
dun wanna seperate xD hope same class bahs .
made 2 new best friends this year ; DAYNA & SHUTING
yeah, knew pam long agao (: haha
dun zhong se qing you cuhs of ur dreamer woh !
if nt starting of sch, first day i bring chopper liao ah !
lols, haha . love you all (:


whoots !~ finally got to use com, com all occupied ._.
and, i just found out that alot ppl have a blog yeah .
haha, today tagged along with papa to work with jiejie .
super bored there lah, was just left there at one corner to rot,

well, since im bored, i shall do some thinking (:
hmm, ' blog ' to me ? quite interesting ?
but we cnnt add fwens de, lol . only can link ..
urghs ! 3 more days and we will get back PSLE results liao !
* crossfingers * hope i score better than my sister (:


hoho, finally looks like a blog with pamela & shujia's help .
thanks to u 2 ! (; haha
hm, 2nd day since we a renot in th same class,
hope alot of ppl choose gm bah .
if we wun.. promis we will meet up as much as possible, right ? ;D
miss you all ~ i'll never forget th fun times we had together (:

ohyah, my intro . hehheh
-name's YUKELING .
-currently 12 .
-my bday falls on 20aug !
& im from gmps (: haahahahaha

yeah, this year had been a great year for me .
those friends and teachers who cared and showered so much care,
& concern for all of us (:
but we still gotta moooooooooooove on guys ! ;O
looking foward to a whole new adventure !