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25 Dec
Tralalas,, Ytd wen bowling at abt 2+pm at east coast.. play halfwae niah den
my papa got pissed off, coz the lane keep jamming den oso gt pins fall dwn b4
even hit den wen to ask dhe counter wad to do den she sae press retract + enter
den press ler bcum second hit ler,, den he dun wan play ler.. packed up tings den
attitude dhe manager,, den we oni plae till dhe 4th throw niah den dey oso charge
us 1 game's $$ . Den my daddi cored his workers to go to dhe swimming complex
at jurong east,, cuz dey frm other country { live in village de } so deir country dun hab swimming complex,, wan go swimming den go lake or river,, den my daddi force dem
to go,, ahahs,, den wen to fetch dem,, wen rch der,, walk to everiwhre it's lyke
a gang,, ahahs,, gt 15 person go,, den plus us { 4 ppl,, mummi dun wan go =[ }
so total 19 ppl,, den wen to dhe lazi pool 1st,, dey plae till siao lors,, dey
kip going up to dhe side den somersault jump in " SPLASH!!" alot ppl,,
den as dhe current sweep us …


Rawrhs,, Juz wke up ><"
Ytd ton dao 7+am slp,,
actualli wan 2.45pm wake up de,, bt den i wke up go toilet,
den daddi sae wan go out ler,, so i carn slp ler! T^T
Nvm bahs,, few mins diff niah,,
Okaes,, i going bath ler,,


Hope you all arr granted wad u wished fer ! x]

Crap! Crap! Crap!
Mre crap stori ;
Tired! Tired! Tired! ='[
Todae ard 10+pm went to orchard by mrt,, alighted at dhe mrt,, so crowded,,
Den dey block off dhe main entrance so hab to walk a big big round den rch dhe main road,,
Damn packed der,, Kip hearing " spishhh! arhh!! " <-- Cuz gt ppl plaeing wif dhe snowflakes bottles den spray spray here spray der,, Sum ppl spray deir fwens,, sum spray dhe passer-bys,, Suey arhs! I walk walk walk,, den suddenli gt 1 mischevious ARH MAspray sum into dhe air,, den landed on my head,,Bt i oni kena a little niah,, heng seh,, as we walk wif dhe flow of
dhe crowd,, my jiejie kena 2 tymes! Ahahs,, Her fringe all tio,, -^o^-
Den b4 conting walking,, daddi bought 2 original orange julis and 2 bacoon and cheese hotdogs at Orange Julis. Ate outside dhe shop,, quite nice de,, x]
Den cont walking,,took sum pic along dhe wae,, nt nice de,, my fone de cam nt gud,, ]
+ summre i d…


Lei arhs!! Ytd watch de { 恶作剧2吻 They Kiss Again} 2nd episode
watch wif my jiejie till 4am cuz ard 2 am we both carn slp jiu cme out plae
com -^o^- ,, den todae wan 10am wke up. So here i am!
{ Muchh thanks to Jas fer telling mi wen it will be out,, thanks! Mwarks! AII SI NII!!! }
→ Shang ce suo,,
→ Brush teeth,,
→ Drink water,,
→ On com,,
→ Pulled a chair infront of com,,
→ Daedream session officially starts. =="
Whoo!~ Orientation daes no nid bring txtbks or wrkbks,,
Dunno wad to bring wors,,
Haix,, haven decided wad to join fer my cca,,
All lyke nt suitable de,, but gt cca points leis,, =(
Life's dull, damned;


Boo!! Ytd went thru dhe bklet dey tchers gave to us,, i flip flip flip,, found out dat,,

Siens,, u must be wondering i lyke staeover camp bahs,,
cus can mke new fwens! den summre can xplore ard dhe sch,,
{ gt rumours gt g-ghost wors! =x }
Hahas,, kaes,, no mood to post ler,, daddi nw sitting beside wo,,
he wans to plae ler,, okae,, i gna let hym plae ler,, arh byes -^o^-


Ytd no tyme to post,, nw post bahs,,

Ytd went to dhe sec sch im appointed to,, My 1st choice,,gms. wif my mummi,, jiejie n zoe
wen rch dhe main gate,, went to c which class i gt into,,
Den gong tao,, look here look der den saw my name,
I went to faith 1-1,, lols.. i saw 1 of my tt fwen at dhe hall siah,, jaslyn
She damn clever lors,, Wondered whye she chose dis sch instead of better ones.
Hmm,, 1st dae of sch dun kare so muchh,, cuz my queue number is 39,, so
went dwn to dhe canteen to buy uni and books,, jiejie q fer dhe books
den my mummi + mi and zoe q fer dhe uni, 1st tyme bought dhe shirt's size ; 16,, skirt's size ; 25.
Den bought hao clothes and books ler,, zoe decided to buy 1 mre set of clothes,,
while she q,, my mummi took out dhe clothes to compare c can mahs..
den she sae a bit too tight,, so she went to xchange it,, { oso help zoe exchange 1 set to bigger size}
den change change change,, dhe person so fed up ler,, bek chek lyke hell ler lors,, den
2nd tyme shirt's …


Haha.. ytd dee ytd ton wif jiejie dao ytd frm nite to 2+pm..
den c finish dhe dvd ler,, i went to slp.. bout 9+pm den wake up. den eat eat eat den
watch tv look here look der,, den went to slp again.. ahahs..
{ pig owaes slp de mahs.. bu qi guai hors? } den todae 1pm wke up again! =xx
den once wke up jiu on com,, den jiejie went to her fwen's hse plae,,
i plae awhile den korkor cme bak hme ler.. he plaed com awhile den sae
slpy jiu off com took out dhe small bed den put at dhe ke ting.. but he on
tv den nw still watching haven slp,, lmaos. weird guy.. ahahs.. Juz nw went to
c which sch i going ler,, I GOING GM!! lols.. nt much of surprised,, ello to all seniors!!
Qing duo duo zhi jiao!! Ahahs.. Haven decide which cca to go,, actualli intended to go gg de..
cuz dat tyme dey took us to gms, mi + dayna + pam sae hao wanted to join gg cuz gt alot of outdoors activities,, but cme to tink of it nw,, quite alot outdoors activities,, too much ler..
21 Dec going to gms,, mayb jiejie + mummi going…


Wahhs.. So tired..
Juz came back frm east coast..
Afternoon went to tke my PSLE certificate wif zoe & pam..
Den tke finish ler,, still deciding whre to go,, dayna came..
Hahas. She tke finish jiu go bak ler.. den i + zoe + pam walk tgt to dhe MRT..
Den dey 2 sae wan go east coast plae either rollerblade or cycling..
I shui bian so we just go.. { but we dunno hw go ==" }
Den pam go ask a passer-by,, she sae go parkwae parade,, den can c dhe east coast park..
We went frm aljunied mrt to kallang mrt,, { den cored edgar tke wad bus to go parkawae } den
zoe nvr tot of going aniwhre. So she went bak hme to tke $$ n i went to change my
long long jeans,, => Den we ben lai going to board dhe bus number 197 to parkwae at dhe
bustop bside kallang mrt de.. den waited fer quite awhile,, den zoe jiu sae at dhe bustop
infront can board bus number 31 to parkwae,, den i oso dunno mahs.. den juz go lors..
den sui zhi dao.. dhe bus went to TOA PAYOH!!! den,, haix,, tke taxi lors.. wad to do.. =< }


Holidae cmeing to an end ler and i haven did aniting!
{ lyke is der aniting fer mi to do? }
OMFG!!! Juz nw saw the calender..
Tml 16 dec leis!!!!! Mayb tml go tke dhe PSLE cert..
Or mayb 19 dec? haiyoh.. dunno leis.. dunno wen pam go..
Grr.. sien arhs.. Nth to do de.
OKAE! Since schh reopening soon ler,,
from todae onwards, I MUST ZAO SHUI ZAO QI LER!!!
Wahahas. Ltr 1st dae of schh jiu late.. x]
Ehs? I dis zhu arh buey bath leis?!
So dirti hors? Ahahs.. Hack kare lahs..
Tml den start zao shui zao qi.. Keke. x]
Hmm? Mummi oso bcming zhu lers?
Kaes.. I going bathing ler..
{ ehs? soon. nt nw.. wahas. }


Wahahas. eating corn nw.. so hungri,, going market eat breakfast ler..
daddi kinda rush ler.. so carn rite muchh..
ytd my jiejie + korkor ton siah.. till morning.. den i slp in dhe ke ting..
so damn hrd to slp lors..
gt lite + sound..
I bout 4+ ? 5+? slp?
den juz nw 9am+ wke up.. cuz quite hot lors..
den ytd jiejie + korkor ben lai wan dun slp den cuz ltr going gugujia jian tou fa..
den can slp on dhe wae der on dhe bus..
den awhile ltr after i wke up,, korkor go shuai jiao ler..
den ytd daddi 2+am wke up plae maple,,
cuz carn slp.. den he plae plae plae till bout 4am?
den ytd so chao carn slp..
den du zi hungri.. chao daddi!! ^o^
den ate 2 chicken bao! wahahahs.!! { ehs? bcuming zhu in dis holidae ler..}
dhe corn i eating nw so sian { salty} lors..
Mummi put too much salt inside.. Yucks!!
Kaes.. nid go soon ler.. arh bye. =>


How old will you be in five years?
Do you think you will be married by then?
How tall are you?
Dunno. Long tyme nvr check.
What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
Brand new sch. Brand new life. && mre new fwens!
What's the last movie you saw in theater?
The Golden compass.
Who was the last person you called?
Hmm.. dunno.
Who was the last person to call you?
If ppl prank cor mi leis? o.O
Do you prefer to call or text?
Do you have any pets?
Yah.. 1 hamham ^o^
What were you doing at 12am last night?
Dozing awae.. Ytd tired so slpet earlier
Are your parents married/separated/divorced?
When is the last time you saw your mom?
Todae 8+am
What color are your eyes?
Tink black or dark brown bahs.
What time did you wake up today?
What are you wearing right now?
Wearing my pj & spects?
What's your favorite Christmas song?
Hmm. Dunno?
Where is your favorite place to be?
Aniwhre fun!
Where is your least…


I'm Yellow The color of brightness and sunshine - you sure know how to add color to someones life!A primary color, the color of sun, life and happiness - you sure do live a wonderful life and possess the unique ability to brighten anyones day with a mere touch. The color of royalty, smileys and happiness - be proud of being Yellow!


Ytd went to ps { plaza singapura } wif jiejie. I went der to buy b'dae present fer my mei & my jie went to buy x'mas present fer her fwens..
B4 walking to dhe bus-stop,, my jiejie qing wo drink bbt ( cuz she owe mi 1) x]..
Den yi bian drink yi bian walk.. she sae tml she going her fwens hse so want to go dhe oppo bus-stop c gt dhe bus number 67 mahs..
I juz followed her. C fin ler den go bak to dhe bus-stop,, dhe bus uncle rest so long lors..
we sat der waiting lyke dummies fer lyke.. 10mins?
den went up dhe bus,, & sat at dhe back of dhe bus,, den i look ard dhe bus;
we're dhe only ones on dhe bus siah.
As dhe bus went on,, my jiejie & i listen to our songs,
weird ting is ; she doesnt even sing/hum to dhe song or even beat dhe tempo or wad..? o.O
Juz sit dwn der lyke statue. sumtymes look out c whre we arr..
Actualli at dhe beginning i sang quite loud de.. den as ppl board dhe bus..
i soften n soften,, ahahahs.
Den rch our destination ler.
we got off dhe bus den walk to ps…


Damn sien seh..

All hack kare mi de.. T^T
Wtfreak. Mayb dey all ferget mi ler! T^T

Zoe aka mei ; Anime addicter,, anime + anime + anime
{ Btw her's b'dae soon ler wors.. Dunno buy wad.. x] }

Dayna aka mei ; Owaes plaes on9 games,,

Pam aka arh bu ; Owaes bz,, dunno whye,, muz be tok to arh pa,,

Gigi aka arh yi ; Oso bz,,

Shannen; Seldom on9 de,,

Wei yeaka shifu ; Owaes chiong maple,,

Damien ; Tok to hym can tok shyt arhs,,

Shu aka arh bu bu{?} ; Owaes gtg soon,, ask ppl wait,,

Jas aka jinq yng's & pam's "laopo"; Nth to tok about ,,

Edgar aka arh pa; Oni will tok to arh bu,,

Alson aka arh pek ; Hate toking to hym, craps,,

Amelia aka " class de arh ma" {?} ; Tok to her bo repli,,

Ki si wah arhs!!
Freaka baybear freak man!
Rawrhh!! Nah beis. =="
Sorrie fwens ;
But im juz expressing myself,,
No hrd feelings thou --
Boombaaaaa!!! Kaboombaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
``Currently eruption level ; 100% eruptive. 100% damned pissed off & fcuked up. x]


Wah sengs.Damn tired seh. ;[[
ytd i 12am slp..den dao 3am wke up
den carn slp leri fan lai fu qu
untill 6am gonna slp ler.. eyes closingden
daddi cum in room ti jiejie gai bei
den help mi gai beiden i tot can slp ler
after lyke 5-10mins. my daddi come in sae
wah seheat big breakfast leis
of cuz go..Den eat dao 8+am.. actualli sae afternoon go jiejie + korkor
de sch buy bks de.. Den i go der kpo kpo.Den since
can hitch a ride frm daddi..we eat finish jiu go bak hme
tke tings den go deir sch buy bks.. Den buy bks.. daddi
sae afternoon go buy shoes,all dis.. ;[
Den jiu go lors.. Mummi frm 2+pm shop till 7+pm.
Den mummi summre drop $100.. dunno whre.
haix. sien..
BOO!! Den nw on9 no1 to tok wif.. ;[
Zoe aka mei bz watching anime hack kare wo.
Wei ye aka shifu chiong maple oso hack kare wo.
Haiyoh.. Damned lahs. Wtfreak lahs.
&#@!&#@! Freaks man.
Pissed off.


Wah seng..
Tired siah..
Morning juz cme bak..
Nt realli fun lors..
We rch der juz find a spot,
den put dwn tings.
Den pitch dhe tent..
Den awhile jiu start bbq-ing ler.
Bbq dao 7+ den bloated lyke hell siah..
Gt satay, chicken wing, chicken breast meat
&& bacoon. N marshmallows.
Dhe marshmallow nt nice de..
So creamy.. Yucks man.
Den we jiu rest awhile in tent..
Oni abt 8+ niah. Den,
My korkor + jiejie + mi jiu go cycling.
We cycle to dhe water recreation place,
Den cycle ard den go bak camp.
My papa stae at dhe tent take kare
of tings, den my mummi slp ler..
Den we go bak camp. Bo liaos den
jiu start bbq again =)
Cuz still gt food..
Den bo ice ler.. My korkor bo bring $$
jiu go 7-11.. Tot can tke ice..
Den he cor us, sae nid $2 den can buy
a big packet of 7-11's plastic bag full of ice..
Den i rush der wif $7 lors..
1 $2 note n 1 $5 note. juz in case.
Den go bak, cont bbq..
Eat finish ler.. We go in tent rest.
Oni abt 3+am niah..
Den wan watch sunrise mahs..
My jiejie jiu set alarm at 7am
Den we…


=) Ltr going tke bks lohs..
Den 1 or 2 jiu go camp..
Sui bu zao so come out room plae com..
Jiejie oso plaeing com..
Ltr slpy ler den go slp.. =)
Carn wait..
A few mre hrs niah! ^^
Ltr abt 7+ nid wke up ler..
8am jiu chu fa..
Den tke finish bks come bak hme.
Zen li yi xia camping de tings..
A while ltr jiu go camp ler!