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slacked and frozed in th morninq! xD
dhen at night went to yishun// safra club or smthing de.
dhere qot swimming pool! damn biqbiqbiq lahs!
very nice. but cuhs too dark carn tke any pictures. DD:
dhen went to th park or smthing de. qot swinq! -yhays-
dhen plaed swinq! dhen qot dhis balance tingy.
lyke u jump on one side. dhen th other side another person jump.
dhen ofc th heavier person sink dwn. another form of see-saw xD
haahahs. dhen went to th bowlinq centre at 2nd floor.
ate french fries! nicey! :DD
dhen went to plae billard. cuhs first tyme plaeinq dhen damn lan lorhs!
DD: two dollars niahs. dhen anyhow aimaimaim
LOLS xD dhen qot two billards table.
th other table got pro plaeinq siahs! xD
dhen went hme after plaeing DD:

lalalala! lalalala! elmo's world! lalalala lalalala! :DD
todae durinq music lesson listened to dhis elmo sonq..!
mwuaahas xD so childish lahs! budden it rewinds memories of dora th explorer!
xD haahahas! todae after sch ms tan wanted to see pamela.
so went wif her …


urghs! sians! im rottinq lahs.
hunqry..! rawrhs.
todae woke up at nine am.
dhen plae com,, awhile later korkor woke up.
papa woke dhen ask me go kai xing xiang!
rawrhs. nofair de. dunwan ask korkor. tmd =="
laalalas~ hackare. hunqry! hunqry!
grr. ba sha gna renovate soon lorhs! dunno is tml or tml tml. ><
dhen korkor wan watch power ranger! xD
he's sixteen lehs! ==" sigh,, damn pathetic.
budden i oso watch de xD i watch mighty morphine! xD
ehs, im still a kiddo cans?! ><
takopatchi is wanted! :[ boos! buqis nomre takopatchi! :[
gna die soon wifout it!! DD: boos!! sians.


lalalas~ :DD
todae woke up at ten plus.
dhen ate lor mee. had to qo arh qong jia todae!
boos! xD cuhs todae is arhma de ji nian re.
hab to go at twelve de. budden slackslackslack.
only went off at two thirty xD
sians! went wif mummi and jiejie on th bus fifty one.
was bored. listen to sonqs and ate snacks :DD
dhen rched. frozed. ==" damn bored lorhs DD: missinghymagain
sigh,, dhen went dhere, shang xiang.
SLACKED. went dhere early oso zuo wu zuo bo ehs.
wen rched dhere, er qu ardy rched lurhs. cuhs she cut hair de mah.
so had my hair cut// more layered. ><
budden nt realli visible de. mwauhahaha! xD
bored. frozed. slacked. sianed.
dhen daddy came and went. cuhs he was busy so only came to shang xiang.
dhen xiaoqu came! wif xbox360.
cuhs she bought a comp or laptop -mengzai- fer one thousand plus.
dhen song th xbox. cousins { all boys } and my korkor plaed.
watched dhem plae while eating.
dhey kept on plaeing burnout. damn lame xD
was bored lahs. kept watchinq cuhs got nth better to do.
dhen at l…


yhays! i done pompoming lurhs! :DD
fast right? xD mwuahahahs.
sians! now quite tired lurhs.
dunwan wke up earli tml.. DD;
tml qoinq arhqonq jia.. nid baibai.
must go at bout twelve plus or one plus DD:
boos! i wan slp latelate de!
urghs,, hungry hungry!
i haven eat dinner.
i qoinq eat dinner soon lurhs. xD
cuhs just now kop shuting de dinner.
now dhen hungry. haaahas xD


OMG! i damn smell lahs.
so damndamdandamn smelly.
just came back frm mac =D
todae staed at sch slack till bout 6pm.
shu got gg.. dhen we wan talktalk mahs..
so jiu waited fer her. xD
todae during class. MY MATHS. two more marks dhen can pass lurh lehs! :[
rwarhs. i went crazee over dhis stuupid tingy during maths lesson lahs!
alottttttttt careless lehs!! boos! boos! pamela is FUN. =D
her expression is lyke so.. CUTE. muwhahahah xD
dhen lesssons and lessons,, blahblah.
after sch plae true or dare wif ;;
pam felicia xiner jaslin jiemin beelin and yiwen =D
wasnt really fun. except dhat pamela was sabo xD
haahahas. shall not sae how she was sabo. if not she will kill me de =x
btw,, her ears turned red wen she saw hym.
so did he! even saw his smile! whahaha.
mayb gna hab a papa soon lurhs! yhays! i dunwan be fatherless DD;
dhen went to mac wen shu gg ended!
went wif ;; shu pam chileng
haaaha! i no money dhen shu treated me a milo bing!
yhays! I LOVEE MILO BING! :DD wuahahah.
i wan eat takopatchi! rawrhs. also …


just came back from th bbt shop :DD
had crosscountry todae.
met zoe at blk dwnstairs,,
met amelia and zhijie at th aljunied.
dhen i tot pam wif dhem,, dhen i got off at paya lebar
and waited fer th next train to come cuhs pam inside.
waited damn long dhen elisssa th lizard dhen came.
jeslin and huijun was even later ~
by th tyme dhey rch th mrt was ardy 7.08am lurhs bahs..
dhen walk to th bus interchange,, JESLIN SO NOISY LAHS! xD
mwuaaahahahas. waited fer th stuuuuupid bus 288 which took so long.
wen we're on th bus,, ardy 7.15am lurhs. ardy late lurhs.
dhen on th bus.. jeslin oso still so noisy.. xD
pam oso lahs. zhe me chao de.. ><
dhen rched dhere. gave our fones and wallet to wendywendy! xD
cuhs we're th c division girls, so we went 1st lahs.
damn long lehs. four plus km. ran wif shu pam and qianhui.
we run abit dhen stop and chat. dhen run and stop.
haahaha. surprised siahs. lyke dhat oso can get ninety fourth place xD
dhen after we ran finish,, had to wait fer th rest to run finish.


sch was boring. aft sch had band.
wasnt as fun as last tyme de..
thumb oso veri pain. stuuuuuuupid clarinet.
luckily todae nonid bring back hme ~

tml no school but have crosscountry!
supersian -.- still dk if going anywhre .
mayb going hme first ? cuhs dhey sae sweaty sweaty -.-x
dk why dunwan arrange on friday, no need go back sch ._.


todae dnt mr faizal on course,,
so came two tchers. mr chia and mr tan.
did one worksheet dhen carried on wif our practical.
hm, dk whad to design ~
after dhat hcl, SUCKS LAHS. damn sian siahs.
lol, recess, chat wif shuting and pamela .
after sch went to ate chicken patty and milo bing :DD
went to find xiaodi awhile after. went back to canteen and shu left liaos.
sat dwn at amelia dhat bench wif pamela.
les-ed wif amelia. was like..touching her face? =x
lol, tml got band. but is sectionals de ~


yhay! rch hme lurhs! todae in sch was boring. had geo. DAMN SIAN LAHS! xD chatted wif pam ! she's horny ~~
{haahaha. pam slacking during geo. xD}

aft sch had band, FULL of drills. cuhs mr ed nvr cme.
elissalim molested me ~~! in compensation, she donated $2 to me! lol
went bbt shop after band, bought kopi milkshake.
wen going home lurhs realise clarice nvr take her file .
lol, called her and return her file ~ and home-d


eating my dinner now//ya fan :DD
nice..! haaaha xD
but horhs,, i still haven do any of th hmewrks!
eat finish dhen do. gna do one niah. th eng compo corr. just copy can lurhs xD
cuhs th geo and th chi i dunno how do.
tml dhen mayb go sch dhen copy barhs! xD
watching jurrasic park now too.
i wonder how will i do my hmewrk in peace lorhs DD;
sigh.. sians!! i dunwan shang xue!!
boos! tml hab band. hope it'll be funn.
i wan go out!! go out! go out!
it's lyke being trapped in a cage lyke th bird lorhs.
boos! i wan new fone..! :[


laalaala~ :DD

haven start doing hmewrk.
later dhen check got whad hmewrk.
tink hab three bahs//geo, chi, eng
sians! chi dunno how do. we nid do chang ju suo duan.
hard lehs DD; rawrhs. damn sian lahs.
planning to go out next thurs. after crosscountry :DD
i wan go out shopshopshop! xD


todae's post.
wake up at 1048,, watch tv
dhen brush teeth,, ate macroni
watched tv,, slacked.
sians lahs! chatting wif my fwen qinaideGANMEII// studying at gmps :DD


ytd dint post cuhs dint hab chance to..

good friday..! wasnt realli good.
only dhat went KFC fer dinner! =D
cuhs korkor shen ri na tian nvr go so todae go..
went hme after eating. sucks lahs,, so boring! x]


was damn pissed at sch .
idiotic jeremy use bball hit me and pam's head .
cbkia, make pam bit her tongue and cry ~ -.-

maundythursday dhis morning, superboring .
during hcl li laoshi scold jeremy ~ haha xD
sci, wen lab . zhiqing accidentally break louise's de testtube, lol
aft sch went to th mama shop saw jassie along th wae .
she ask us to help her buy twisties? dk, but forget to help her buy .
lol, psps ~


oops? ytd ferget to post,, HAAHAS :DD
dhen todae jiu post two barhs.

schh was bored lyke usual DD;
only ting is dhat during lit,, mrschng plaed some songs lahs..
ALL quite old de lahs =x haahas,, only butterfly kisses sounded, okae.
had BAND ,, had sectionals.
BUT,, mr sameul only accompanied us recruits fer awhile niahs.
dhen ltr cor us ownself go out practice DD;
damn bad lahs =x dhen was gna bored to death fer th whole afternoon lurhs.
but at least got christina,, priscilla,, wanwen and jocelyn to accompany,,
but dhey're,, urms,, perverts? ><
haahas. fall out,, wen to buy chrysanthemum to drink.
damn kou ke lurhs. dhen HME-D,, TV-ED,, SLP-ED SLEPT.


urghs,, welcome to my blog? =x
so sorrie arhs, kept changing url. haaha x]
SHOULD be th last tyme changing lurhs. thanq fer relinking :DD


nah,, todae nth special at sch.
so will not sae aniting bout sch lurhs.. DD;

happy b'dae to hym!
happy b'dae to hym!
happy b'dae to korkor~!
happy b'dae to hym! :DD

gave hym his present long ago lurhs,, { 17dollars lehs,, how can ferget?! }
tsk, nofair de. he DOESNT give people presents on deir b'dae de DD;
dhat's whye his b'dae no fwens gib hym presents larhs.. =x
urghs,, just ate th choco cake,, damn creamy lurhs DD;
summre so late eat,, i wan slim dwn de leis!! urghs! =[



Just came back frm sch// BAND PRACTICE
mouth was practically tiring. DD;
after dhat went to bbt shop,, bought milomilkshake :DD
dhen went to th plaegrd bside th pri sch,,
jaslin kept on wanting our fones lahs..
cuhs she saes nid to da dian hua gei ta mummy.
pam andd i budged :DD haahas.
sorrie lahs,, fone bill wan die lurhs.. =x
heard dhat qinyi went to th hospital? DD; i go ask whad happened to her :DD


oh yahs. todae de post =="

wke up,, went dwnstair de kafeidian eat zaocan :DD
dhen chiong hmewrks.. but no hmewrk to chiong de,,
i only chiong tml nid hand in de hmewrk,,
others de haven chiong, haaha :DD
haven done lit and pw de.. x]
sian lahs! now looking ard at peeps de blog,, DD;


Haaha! :DD
forgotten to post ytd. now post :DD
just finish tml nid hand in de hmewrks haa.

went to aljunied mrt,, suppose to mit at 113o derhs..
but cuhs i 11oo dhen wke up,, I WAS LATE
budden nvm,, cuhs. EVERYONE WAS LATE!! haahas :DD
actualli going tampines de,, dhen wan go bugis street shopshop
so jiu went bugis street ^-^
met huiting and mei// zoe at th aljunied mrt,, cuhs dhey oso going bugis,, so went tgt lurhs :DD
went dhere,, plaed at th baby arcade =DD
was fun! haahas. ate my breakfast andd lunch dhere// lormee x]
dhen ate th fruit gummy,, damn nice lurhs :DD
jaslin went emo over th shwts cuhs she dint get to tke ani,,
dhey go choose pushpop which cuhses 75 tickets each lahs..
dhen overall oni gt 215 tickets niah..
kays, her emo over, we went to buy tickets for ' spiderwick chronicles '
dhen went bugis street. shopshopshop,, bought milo to drink along th wae. =D
dhen almost tyme fer th show tuh start lurhs,,
we all rush back cinema buy tings eat,, h…


oh yahs,,

was too ' crazee' witf th fugly bitch ,, i forgotten tml going out lurhs! haahs :DD
tml going to amk hub wif me pam jaslin.
sounds despo huhs? but actualli wanted to hold a gans outing de..
dhen lan duo + stm,, nvr cor ppl go,, if nw last minute go,,
cnfrm alot ppl carn go derhs..
but lyke dhat oso can lurhs..
can go shopshopshop wifout boys!haahs :DD
yeahs! boys are smtymes such nuisance! x]
urms,, going to slp lurh barhs..
miting 1130 at aljunied mrt :DD
damn scared later tml carn wke up.. lmaos.
dhat fugly bitch is mking me imagining tings!
urghs,, i hate her! >:[



another which i dint post till th nite,, haahs =D
went to met pam wy and zaihou at 1140? x]
i was late. budden,, pam was even later! haahs.
told wy to mit at 1120. so he waited frm 1120-1140. haahs x]
waited fer pam th qian jing xiao jie at th traffic light near th library.
went in th library,, found seats at th back of th library. haahs :DD
xiaodi joined us awhile ltr.
i slacked atfirst,, so damn sianz lahs..
dhen we plaeplae mahs,, dhen gt a mr.kpo
he just snapped his fingers in th air dhen sae " excuse me, is dhis how a library shld be?"
damned hym lahs,, ruined th spirit,, fcuked up lurh lahs.. -.-
lyke duh.. mr kpo.. wan 'serenity' go 2nd floor lahs.
at 1st floor kpkb,, tmdd. wanna kill hym lurhs.. x]
kaes, hackare hym.. i went dhere and only did 1/2 of 1 of my hmewrk.
haahs, my journal! suppose to write two de lahs..
but i just did one. =D
shld be glad. atleast i did sme work in th few hours.
dhen went to buy ramily burgeragain! haahs. :DD
only dhat i nvr buy drink.



mitting mama earlier.. at 11am
so i nid go by 1040 lurhs..
haven pompom. urghs.
my mummi bathing nw.. rawrhs.
i will be late de.. haha :DD
carn blame me.. =D
heh heh!! dunno wear whad later.. >:[


Ya-dududu ! :DD

later going library to mit wif pam wy and zaihou!
wan go mah? wan go mah? :DD
ahhahs. im crazy ayes. i can only go fer bout 1-2 hrs? =x
miting dem at 12noon. dhen i gtg at 3pm
'cuhs i going fishing..! :DD
dhen 'cuhs high tide at 4+pm..
so wo 3pm jiu yao hui jia lurhs. DD; haa. ltr going labrador park fishfish.
yeahs! but saded lahs..
it's th only activity my family is going to hab during dhis 1 week holidae.. DD;
hope it wun rain,, *cross fingers*
oso hope dhat will catch dao fishies. haahs.
'cuhs everytyme we went fishing.
we nvr fail to return hme empty-handed de. haa. :DD
just ate my breakfast// beibei mian! =D
was nice lurhs,, th soup tiantian de =]
tata. i go lurhs ^-^



returned frm band camp,, // 2daes 1 nite
--dint post untill nw as i was slping and watching tv just nw,, haha

Dae 1//11o3o8

brought all my tings along,, -wasquiteokae-
dhen papa zai wo qu xue xiao,, ahahhas,,
rched at 7.05am..? slacked ard here and dhere..
fall in as usual,, was told th grp dhat were in //
rhobia shuhui priscilla wanwen christina and me! :DD
urms,, if i spell rongly,, no offence arhs.. x]
bunked in to our 'doms' // faith1-2
dhen pamela huiting and huiping bunked in wif us! :DD -yeahs!-
went fer band practices // practice practice pratice!
dhen lunch lunch lunch! urms, carn quite rmb whad's fer lunch dhat dae..
i tink was cai fan..? issit? ==" wang ji lurhs.
went fer sectionals,, budden th tutor had to tch th seniors th pirates.
so we recruits just sat at th side lorhs,, damn sian lurhs..
we were nt allow to mke ani sound,, so th tutor gve us a break! :DD
had games //attangle and 1 which u stand on th benches,, mve along th bench,,
cheated at th attangle,,…


im fatherless! AGAIN
boo! i dunwan be fatherless!!
arh bu arhs! can u find ur mr. right fast?
ur aging lurh arhs! i 76 lurh lei,, dhen u 85..
tsk tsk,, wonder hw u live so old dhen still single arh.. ><"


:DD i gna hab bak my daddie soon lurhs!
YEAHS! daddie and mummi sitting on th tree!
out came peggy but bish! she's off th match! x]
heh heh! :DD elated dhat im nt fatherless anymore. ;D



urms,, yah, wun be blogging fer th next.. two daes?
cause i've gt.. band camp! band camp! band camp!
yipees! tml hab band camp! >:]
Tues - wed, staeing over1nite and my sch bag is loaded wif pieces of junks. x]
grr,, tml still nid bring clarinet to band//
dhen summre mitting at 0710 leis! tink we all so earli bird de meh? ><" kaes,,
just hope it'll be.. fun? :DD fer th 1st band camp..
and hope dhat after band camp no nid bring hme clarinet again
actually,, i dun mind..! :DD cause clarinet is so small lurhs..
but dai lai dai qu so gang kor lorhs. x]
my bag looks.. bulky! DD; but it's light thou,, haha

i lost my smile from th minute u said dhat to me,, was i too foolish? or are u too impatient? treat it as a test fer us barhs.. DD;



heh heh! ytd went out to east coast wif : kat shannen me pam phyllis vanessa peggy gina edgar wei ye alson junhao && zhen hong.
it was fun! :DD
went to th bus stop near th mrt cause pam rch lurhs..
dhen walked towards th mrt station at 1050.
pam so sexyyae lurhs,, wear lil miss tee w/ shorts plus a small small bag and cardigan.
was quite looking foward to looking how peggy looks,, and it's lyke..
MYGOSH!haha,, expected her to be.. femine? she's.. tomboy? x]
waited fer everybody to come,, dhen waited at th bus stop at th near block for my papa to come fetch us.. :DD dhen they very lyke veri gan chiong,, weneva dhey saw a lorry dhen jiu yao jump inside lurhs.. haha rched east coast,, on th wae everibody was lyke : ahh! my stylish hair..! NOOO!
haha,, tink im used to th wind lurhs? :DD dhen wen going dwn th lorry,, 1 romantic ting happened lahs! edgar held his hand to fu peggy dwn th lorry! ahhahs! so swt!
dhen wen to rent bike 1st,, only kat and phyll…


it's 34more minutes to th 1 week holidae.
it's so packed i wonde if it is eva one.
sat - mayb going arhgong jia
sun- going ecp
mon - cip tingy
tues & wed - band camp
thurs- slackhmewrk
fri- slackhmewrk
sat- go out
sun - sleep

ehs? so i only hab 1 dae to slack and sleep huhs?
overloaded wif hmewrk lurh lahs! =x
just hope i can do all by hmewrk by fri barhs,,
carn wait fer 090308 to cme leis,,
i wan go plaeplae && slack..!
i wan go see peggy { edgar's stead } chio marhs.
ahhahs,, kaes i go lurhs,,
papa plae maple th com sotsot,, so i let hym use dhis to plae. =D
see i so guai.. ahhahs! =x tata!


ayess! =D
gna upload some more pictures into family blog lurhs! =D
hab some furni photos to share over there!
uhs, lazi to post at here,, wan see?
visit =D
arghs! im lyke promoting th blog,, haha
kaes,, i go lurhs,, arh bye :DD
mwarks! free kisses -lols- dunwan dhen gib me bak!
ahhahs,, how to gib back? lyke th wae i gib it to u! =D


rwarhs! =D
just changed url!! thanks all fer relinking =D
MWARKS! x] ahhahs! mygosh.
dhis adaes had nth special to post about..
except my family created a blog!
link ;;
please take a look dhere if your free? =D
if you need to be paid money { $$ } to go to dhe web, i rather u dun go barhs! x]
aww, i wan GANS OUTING!!! D;
boo..! raining cats and dogs now,, so bluey =[

i hate the rain making me think of the days we had.
i hate the rain when we are out there having fun.
ilove the rain for you had reasons to shelter me.
i love the rain for it hide my tears from you.