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LOLS. dint hab tyme to post dhis fwe daes urghs.
saturdae went out wif jiejie cuhs she wanted to relac bfore studeeing. so went to parkwae :] walked here and dhere lahs. BORED
dhens sundae,, wen to mac wif pam. wen to her hse. th lift damn creepy narhs. dhen i budged not to go up. th lift damn scaree sehs. wen in her hse :] started messing up everiting and idled at her hse :] wen to mac after dhat. ben lai wan go library derhs. buddhen she dunwan. wen to mac,, bo space. dhen walked one round round th neighbourhood.
wen back,, hab space buddhen very noisy nehs. so wen to library. suay narhs. library oso bo space. dhens wen back to mac AGAIN! lols.. dhen sat dwn at one corner. bought fries and redeemed my points. to six pieces of nuggets. dhen i share wif pam.
see i so good and xiao jing mummee hars? xD

see i got prove de! hmm si luan luan gong eh arhs!
did hmewrk all th while. buddhen th place damn re sehs!
at th door dhere. dhen once got ppl open th door.
all th warm air rush in :[
so changed place narhs! …


LOLS. whadshyt narhs.
todae kana gang by th stuuuuuupid lizard and mousey!
rawrhs :[ i did nth narhs.
mousey just came to pok me.
dhen human reactions is to retaliate mahs.
i attack her back dhen lizard come attack my hair.
dhen two gang me. untill i fell dwn narhs.
dhen assembly, late as usual.
dnt first period, forget to bring dnt file again, dint passup
afterdhat hcl. had to draw according to th passage.
supersucks, dk whad i drawing ? -.-
dhen had sci, cme, eng !~
cme, group one to five presented, heng nt enough time .
my group six, haven do finish ! xD
eng, damn headache lahs.. feel like vomitting liddhat.
emo-ed thru th whole lunch, only drank a cup of milo bing.
somehow recover ? xD hehe !
had to stay back do pw, supersian liao ._.
did till 5+, librarian shoo us away ! tml going do again ~
wen library wif xiner and pam, saw zoemei .
xiner and pam gtg, waited for zoemei to buy her bbt and hom-ed tgt

and lol, tml need hand in hundredquestions marathon liaos !
whadthfcuks ? ha…



dint wan to wake up, but papa shook me up -.-
wake whole family eat bigbreakfast !
nicenice. dhey fourplus am wen to mac eat breakfast.
papa sae got wake me up. dhen i was lyke.. got mehs?
guess sleep too much =x dint hear at all !
rot at home, papa came home ard 4+.
wen toapayoh to buy handfhone cover and shoes .
rched dhere, wen to toilet first wif jiejie.
got back to bata, korkor ardy buy shoe liaos.
papa and papa wen swimming lahs, mama going singkaraoke !
PANGSEHS ! -.- bought fhonecovers and shopshop .
glad to have baobeii and weiye sms-chat wif me(:
7+, wen mac eat alil bit . papa call and ask us to buy durians !
anyhow tikam th durians xD and wen kopitiam eat dinner .
not hungry at all ! koup too much of jiejie's fries i tink ? xD
papa force me eat ._. eat a lil, home-d !
watch tv, and eat durians ! nice siohs ~(:
just finish blogging CIP ! still got IFD to do ~ sian ._.
dunfeel like doing ~~ and pam is having a fever): getwellsoon mama !


enjoyed myself today aft sch !(:
wen sch, missed 7.15's train, board th 20+'s train .
once rched alj, chiong to sch wif zoemei !
haha, superfun(: ran to hall, wasnt late ~
had to make international cards for foreign students (?)
malumalu make a card . just write a few words ~ lol
aft sch, wen to th playgrd near mac, zilians ! =x
dk why jaslin suddenly chase me ? ran like madwoman !
-.- supertired, she chase so long siahs ~
pam and xiner at one side laughlaugh and take vid ! ._.
and felicia called, asked her to come playgrd .
fetch her come and wen mac to study ! did maths and listen to songs ~
slack awhile, wen to bbt shop accompany pam buy her bbt .
walk to mrt wif felicia, saw xiaodi ! haha ~
at mrt saw jwong lol, but she just walk past us !
heng nvr catch us like th huangdama =x
oso saw pearlyn and her mama at th train ~
train came and home-d !

xiner emoingxiner loves th pole ! xDxiner kana push ! xD


LOLS! ohmygosh lahs!
just wen to baobeii's blog.
found out dhat todae sacred bdae wors! x]
haahas. i only rmbed its on th fifteen.
dint know it was todae de. LOLS
so sorrie arhs sacred! x]
may all ur dreams come true! x]
urghs. btw hars. BO PRESENT! LOLS :DD
haahas! seriously dint know lahs! SORRIEW! x]


dnt today, mrfaizal was late again ~
came to tch first lesson, scnd lesson wen off to meet some parents (?)
studied for th dnt test, mr kee came .
cont study, mrkee left oso ~ next jwong came !! ._.
just brushed my fringer back(: wanted to study, but she ask soo many ques ~
she's a attentionseeker ! ask a ques expects us to reply, lol .
but all like bochap her xD hehe .
dnt over, hcl . li laoshi dint talk about th newspaper (:
i lost mine, yeah . and had lessons ! superBORED.
aftschool wen bbt shop. saw baiwei and chileng ~
wanted go go bugis wif pam, walked to mrt .
but pam like dunwan go ? dkdk ~
saw baiwei and chileng again ! ohwell,iguesswe'refated
baiwei was funny(: she wanted to go toilet, but th temp toilet was like .
supersmelly ~ and she dint go xD
and slack awhile at th steps outside th mrt to chat .
chat finish, wen home ! dint go bugis wif pam ~ dk why ? -.-
back at kallang bought curry'o from oldchangekee (:
delicious ~ but started drizzling . walked to bustop, rained heavily .


rawrhs. todae damn sian lahs~
lessons SUCKS.
carn stand th old beeeeeeeeeeeee kip buzzing dwn dhere.
dhen she go ask th stuuuuuuuuuupid jeremy come sit at th door dheres.
knn lahs. damn fcuked. ==" so noisy de sehs.
dhen hackare hym,, concentrate on daedreaming :]
haahas. ting th laobee i oso will fall aslp derhs. x]
dhen hcl. damn ohmygosh lahs~!
msli yao wo men zuo th chin newspaper.
damn loads lahs! damn summre is she long tyme bfore gib de.
GONE CASE liao lahs! x[ diediedie!
tml gna die liaos. :[ sians!
rummaged thru my whole cbinet liao lahs!
zen me ban.. later kna chou ma yi dun.
scold nvm. later she sae theory how wors?! x[
wrahh! die narhs. andand todae maria {phyllis} nvr come school!
iMISSher. x] noone to go crazee wif me lahs! :[
ohhs. i wan chalet! :[


sians. todae woke up at nine plus. TIRED SEHS! x]
i normally wake at ten//eleven plus derhs!
cuhs feel dao msg de vibration ._.
dhen wake up liaos only korkor wake liaos.
so just on tv and watch lahs.
damn sian. dunno got whad stuuuupid show.
dhen gt ben10. haahahs :] movie. nicenice.
dhen jiejie woke up. hungry liao lahs.
cuhs jiejie going out so she left afterawhile.
at twleve plus papa dhen woke up.
damn damn damn damn hungry lahs!
i kept opening th fridge see got whad.
dhen shui bian tke tings to eat x]
haahas! dhen papa prepared breakfast.
got corn,, bao,, siew mai,, cake and tehh~
dhen eat eat eat :] nicenice! -yhays!-
afterdhat kept wathcing tv lahs.
damn bored ]: dhen dadee left fer work.
sad sehs. sundae still nid work derhs.
dhen he sae mayb later go swimming.
rawrhs. :[ idunwanswimming lahs.
damn sucks x] hate swimming! urghs!


wahaaha! :]
morning wen dwn wif jiejie to go market dhere.
cuhs her fwen wan buy. LOLS.
dhen wen dui mian de ka fe dian da pao wu can :]
two lor mee and one laksa.
dhen wen hme afterawhile.
ate my lormee while watching d-wars {dragonwars} :]
cuhs bo show watch liaos.
dhen korkor and jiejie was slping just now.
boliaos dhen slack ard lahs! damn siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
now dhey wake up liaos. plae come. haahas! :]
later mayb going plae badminton. sians.
i dunwan go lehs. go oso nth to do derhs. :[


LOLS! beinq tagged by two person to do dhis quiz. x]
Rules of the game: Remove one question from below, add in one of your own(personal), to make a total of 20. Tag 5 people in your list in the end of this post. Notify them.(Secret where i got this)

1. At what age do you wish to be married?
noidea. iwanqirlfwens :]

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you'd take and why?
Louise,, Pamela,, Phyllis! :]
Louise is so cute lahs,, can mke ppl happy :]
Pamela,, a crazee soul-mate.
Phyllis, another crazee one! haahs x]

3.Where is the place that you want to go the most?
urms. iwantogoaplace whre all my qirlfwens are. :]

4. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
make dhis dream into more dreams :]

5.Do you believe you can survive without money?
urms,, mayb bahs? x]

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
my qirlfwens! ><

7. If you win $ 1 Million, what would you do?
hehs! i would save onefifth of it. gib to parents onequarter of it. mayb donation…


rawrhs. whooos. smelly!
just came back frm phyllis de jia :]
so fun sehs!
todae at sch// boring.
had sci,, dint do a page dhen bei fa zhan fer one period :[
dhen durinq pw, damn boring lahs.
i was lyke.. daedreaminq? x]
dhen recess! :] ate one-dollar packet de wages -anyhowspellde- x]
damn loads lahs! zao zhi dao buy fifty cents de.
i choke myself wif wages cuhs i ate very lonq liaos. :[
hist,, listened. -seeimsoquai- haahas!
whole lesson wors! i lisetned and do th wrksht sehs. :]
dhen mathsmaths. mr wonqwonq nvr come.
ms tan came :] fun! plaed wif pam.
dhen wen to toilet cuhs pam wan retie her hair.
only qot one pass so i lyke tou ji mo gou de go toilet lahs! x]
pam tied damn lonq sehs.
dhen wen we went out,, ms tan was cominq to look fer us.
haahas! cuhs we're in th toilet fer so lonq liaos lahs.
dhen went back. slacked mre :] bugg xiner. haahs!
enqlish! damn sians. carn concentrate sehs.
dhen had to do compo. i daedream while doinq lahs. x]
haahas! dhen went to toilet again.
afterdhat wen to eat lun…


sch sucks as usual..
damn boring lahs. dhen summre geo hab test!
urghs,, i dunno how to do siahs!
anyhow write th answers! LOLS! x]
cnfrm all wronq. rawrhs!
i nowan remedial sehs! damn waste time x[
after lessons,, went fer lunch!
saw mousey and lili lizard! LOLS! x]
attacked dhem! haaahs.
dhen band. dhose whu went early went to ban dong xi out.
cuhs fridae qot dunno whad concert(?).
dhen went to needlewrk room to tke chair.
damn few clarinetists sehs! nofun de.
only got zhijie, lina and cuttlefish :[
damn pathetic! heng wanwen came! :]
-yhays!- dhen all th wae still at warm-ups.
dhen after awhile fall in.
carried on wif practices! dhen pampam and huifei
came back from pw. :] dhen we went to th chapel room.
qirls to stack up chairs. LOLS?! dhen just stack.
and dhen brinq to back to band room! sians!
unstack all th chairs and put nicely.
dhen practice aqain! x] LOLS!
fallout. :DD dhen went to toilet!
stuuupid lahs! lili lizard and mousey oso dhere!
nofair sehs! dhey qanq me! :[ boos!
two seniors qanq one junior…


jiejie's bdae todae! budden ytd celebrated lurhs.
so i went out..! :]
meet pam at two plus.
saw ee ee shu shu ting ting on th wae lahs!
she wear till damn nice sehs. CHIOS! :DD
haaahs. dhen went to pam jia de plaegrd.
dhen went to mac,, saw gm de seniors dhere.
so we went walking all ard. :]
we went to fairprice? or issit ntuc? x]
nvm,, dhen wen to seven-eleven to buy a drink :]
hehs! dhen sat some blkdwnstair.
dhen went to find mrlolz and meifu :]
damn sian lahs! dhen went to macmac.
did one sum of maths! LOLS. and kop pam's fries x]
dhen pam suggested going her house. =D
so we went..! haahs.
went her house. SLACKED! damn fun sehs..!
budden i only did hmewrk last minute.
i took pictures of her cute cj7! haahas! :]
dhen did my maths and th news paper article.
slacked at her house! :DD
dhen dadee called,, cuhs he plaeing chess bside th library.
dhen ask me ji dian hui. so went hme lurhs! x[
haahs! damn fun. i wan go slack again! :]


wahs wahs.
tired tired :[
dwnloadinqq sonqqs now x]
happy bdae to her!
happy bdae to her!
happy bdae to jiejie~
happy bdae to her! :]
wish her qet her fhone and.. urms. find a bf soon? x]
haahs! budden cuhs she tml qoinq to her tcher jia.
so celebrated todae :]
morning,, as usual// slacked
haahas! dhen ard four plus.
dadee came hme,, dhen went to ecp de bowlinqq.
me and jiejie bowled one tyme niahs.
cuhs jiejie de leq hui tonq.
fer me is cuhs too lan lurhs. x[
i bowled qet seventy-two? LOLS ._.
dhen bowled finish first round,, jiejie and me went crazee :DD
we bought milo and hot choco to drink.
hotchoco damn damn damn nice lurhs.
carn stop drinkinqq x] -idrankthmost- LOLS.
dhen mummee sat at one table to copee sumtings.
wo gen jiejie boliaos dhen dwn dhere kajiaos. x]
haahs! dhen after bowling went to stadium.
to eat.. KFC! -yhays!-
haahs! nice nice nice :] mwarks mwarks.
dhen went to buy cakecake,,
dadee bought a coffe cake. x[
afterdhat went to NTUC :DD mummee wan buy ricerice.


yhays! finally replied all fwenster comments :]
haahs! todae slacked at sch again after sch.
lesssons lessons lessons!
borinqq! sian diaos~
dhen at enq nid to rite a enq compo!
i write damn lonq lehs! dhen nid to stae back do. =="
slowpoke lovesick felicia! took so lonq to do finish.
waited fer her lyke till bout.. two-thirty? xD
dhen went to eat patty :]
started slackinq ard dhen. haahs! :DD
went to plae concentration while slackinq lahs!
damn sians! three ppl plae.
each person three numbers. my number ;; one, six, nine.
pam;; two, five, seven. felicia ;; three, four, eight!
haahs! :DD damn lame lahs. jiu lyke dhat.
we slack till six. ==" jumped ard. LOLS.
damn lame. damn sians too. :[
rawrhs. stuuuuuuuupid shu!
wan kill someone lurhs..!
dhen waited fer th stuuuuuuupid xiaodi dhen went mac.
saw shu and chileng dhere. me and pam was lyke.
dwn dhere kop fries and cokes :DD haaahs!
budden after awhile dhey nid go lurhs. boos! DD:
so just went off lahs. sians! :[
rawrhs. jiejie dhis sundae bdae! bo lu…


rawrhs :]
homing now. just now slacked at library.
haahah! shu chanel and christina qot dunno whad prefect de tingy.
dhen xiner and jaslin dwn dhere do pw.
sian lahs. pam left after slackinq awhile niahs.
cuhs she scared her mama nagnagnag again. =="
LOLS. drinkinq milo now. so obessed wif milo now lahs :DD
or i should say, ben lai jiu crazee fer it de xD
haahaha. budden later everyday drink dhen sorethroat jiu die lurhs.
cuhs mondae th band dunno nid test whad notes. DD:
must yi kan th scores jiu able to plae lurhs.
ohmygod lahs. so hard lehs ><
i was nvr sucessful in looking at th scores and was
able to tell th notes,, haahaha xD
tried it and failed during my primary sch days.
LOLS. simply diff. no music talent lahs. bo bians DD:
had pe todae. damn damn damn damn damn.. CONFUSING lahs.
==" whad lotus. dhen indian part. dhen whad shyt.
damn diffcult. dhen we missed alot lessons lurhs.
cuhs of crosscountry,, dhen maundy thursday. xD
so we learnt alot at ONE qo siah. =="
still qot te…


alahaaha! xD
just came back frm sch.
budden nvr trick anyone. LOLS. xD
dnt;; did th design of th wood. DAMN UGLY LAHS =="
supposesingly hab a harrt de. budden sawing skill SUCKS.
dhen very fugly so jaslin wan trim dhen pijiak! BREAK DIAO ><
lols! nvm lahs! hab th harrt oso very fugly xD
haaaha! dhen hcl,, borinq as usual lahs..
dhen lessons blarhsblarhs. damn borinq.
dhen last lesson of hcl. hab to do a test lahs!
quite hard lehs! scared fail siahs ><
lols! dhen do till two-fifteen liddat.
dhen had to complete a enqlish summary.
budden still hab maths remedial siahs! LOL.
done th enqlish summary. skipped lunch.
ran up th stairs to sixth floor lyke siao zhabors
wif pam me vanessa..! lols. saw alot ppl in dhere lurhs.
saw mr lolz dhere too. haaaha! xD
dhen go tick our names and get th wrksht. found a place.
panting lyke crazees. -okaywait,imcrazee!- x]
haahaha! maths remedial just copy th answer frm th board.
provided by mr wongggggggggg(: haahaha! xD
tml hab …