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rawrhs . so damn boooooooooooooored luhs . DD;
camping at hme plaeing lame games .
sians ! actually going out deh . DD:
todae wen to sch to collect results . sucks luhs .
dhen wen bedok wif mummee cuhs she wan kan shou .
dhen wen to eat lunch while waiting fer her turn .
came back hme camped . DD;


boos ! im tired . DD;
damn tiring luhs . ytd slept at twleve wke at four to song jiejie .
woked at 0715 todae dhen wen pompom-ing .
dhen called pam handfhone . tot she still slping, forgotten got band sehs .
i go call her hse lahs . dhen wke up her whole family sehs . paiseh ahs . xDD
wen to her hse deh plaegrd wait .
dhen wen fer band . trumpet only pam one recruit sehs .
so kelian luhs . all is dhat stuuuupid old granny go whad chinese cultural camp .
haahas . plaed th bflat scale and th two other rythm luhs . dunno call whad .
mygawd . i carn change frm a to b luhs . DD;
dhen had sectionals . dhen lunch :DD
wen to market to eat ji fan . eat finish ,, was raining .
huiting pam me mao yu hui band rm . tot late liao luhs -.-
dhen mr samuel wanted us to plae th holy, holy, holy luhs .
my and christina dwn dhere gong gong deh . xDD both lost luhs .
haahas . dhen fall out,, wen to pam's jia slack .
drink hotmilk . watch tv,, wen hme tgt wif jaslin and huiting wen granny gtg .


wen kallang leisure todae to ice-skate :DD
met vanessa, daniel and zhenhong at th mrt . i wasnt late okhay ! ;p
shannen damien shuting pamela all sms me to sae dhey will be later luhs .
zz -..- shannnen came first, dhen damien, shuting .
pamela was th latest luhs ! man man tun tun deh walk luhs .
while waiting, i was chatting wif pam luhs .
i ask her whre she , dhen she sae just walk past th police station .
haahas xDD joking niah luhs, ofc .
gong gong vanessa lead us to th bus-stop beside th mrt .
waited dwn dhere fer tenmins or so, pam shu me wen to check if dhere was bus11 luhs .
zz . dhen nvr found bus11 . so wen to ask th mrt ren .
she sae is th bus-stop across th mrt, at th newblk dhere luhs .
-.- dhen wen dhere to wait lorhs, boarded, rched
split into two grps luhs . shannen jolin damien zhenhong wanted to bowl .
so me pam shu vanessa daniel just wen ahead to skate luhs .
th entrance fee wasnt cheap DD; tink bout S$seventeen liddhats…


rawrhs. woke up at three plus dhis morning .
jiejie flying to shanghai liaos . smeting programme liddhat deh .
would be gone fer eight daes . DD;
ee . later our room so kong and scary liaos . DDx
haahas . ahs ! wen mac eat breakast dhen go airport, terminal 3 to wait .
dhey gather gather dhen jiejie check-in . afterawhile dhen jiejie go liaos . DD;
later going kallang leisure ice-skate liaos .
pok liao luhs . =="

had band . was tiring luhs .
had lunch tyme break at eleven plus .
wen to mac eat :DD
huiting was plaeing wif th sauces luhs .
mixed mayo wif garlichilli . disgusting luhs . but nice xDD
dhen wen th plaegrd to sitsit . called msvoo :DD
heh hehs ! go disiao her . xDD haahas .
dhen wen back sch . ran lyke crazee luhs .
cuhs sexayye sae late liao luhs . actually is th upper sec released frm o'levels chi exam.
dhen band, sectionals . learn th interval and th ahpeijeer or simi deh lahs .
damn booooooooooooooooring luhs ! dhen sec1 band gather rd.
mr ed tch us interval . cuhs some senio…


supposingly meeting pam and lao witch at eight .
buddhen i bath hao liaos dhen saw pam send deh msg .
sae dhey both wan sleeeeeeeeeeep . zz =="
liang e da lan zhus ! xDD rawrhs .
plaeing com now to kill time luhs . DD;


LOLS ! another quiz hurhs ?
requested to do by crystal . =="

o1) If you were given a choice between friends and love, which will you pick ?
friends ofc ! :DD love arent stable .

o2) What do you want most ?
uhs . anyting luhs .

o3) Do you believe in afterlife ?
hmms . mayb ? xDD

o4) Do you hate your friends sometimes ?
if i'ld hate dhem, dhey wun be my friend luhs .

o5) When do you wish to die ?
urhs. wen th time is right ?

o6) Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain ?
if dhere's sunshine .

o7) What impossible things would you wish for ?
every lil wish of everyone to come true .

o8) Do you believe in eternity love ?
hmms . actually, nah .

o9) Have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide ?
i dunhab dhat power man .

1o) What feeling do you love most ?
haaaaaaaaaappy :DD

11) Do you even like to do this quiz ? Yes/No
NO ! so lame luhs .

12) What feeling do you hate the most ?
urhs . abandoned-ness ?

13) Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
yahs ofc . don…


laadalahs .
finally posting after so long of editing th blog . =="
LOLS. wen to ahgong jia at bout five.
rched at five plus . started to somehow help cook dinner .
nth to cook much bout todae . so ate dinner at six-fourtyfive liddhat .
afterawhile jiejie came to ahgong jia .
laalas . dhen jian tou fa . my fringe so short now lahs !~ DD;
nvm . holi liaos . can plae wif hair :DD haahas !
urghs ! buddhen got loads of band practices sehs !
16,17,18 are band camp .
other dhen dhats , all band practice ==" nvm ahs. six practices .
sighh. dhen all so long derh . from nine am to four pm except fer 9 and 11 .
alamaks ehs ! i wan rest derh lehs DD;

quiz requested to do by baobeii; jolene :DD
name of 20 peeps u can tink of now.
dun read th questions untill u've named the 20 peeps.
atthend of th quiz, choose 5 peep to do th quiz !
o1. PAMELA soonjiahui { mummee }
o2. ee SHUTING { ahma }
o3. tang XINER { xiaoliuyi }
o4. JASLIN yeohueyling { xiaoxiaoliuyi }
o5. PHYLLIS kohzhijia { …


ytd wen to th singapore`expo. ate th shark'sfin. damn nice sehs ! :DD damn full lahs ! bought alot tings too . dhen wen to th popular fair . walk walk . papa came . dhen wen hme :DD whole body was aching lahs . haahas ! later going to ahgong's jia . yhays ! gugu going to bring jian daos. can xiu tou fa ! :DD


ohmytian ! late fer sch todae ! haahas xDD
wasnt on purpose luhs . just dhat th lift which zoe board wif some other passangers
got trapped in th lift . dhen she told me,, i wen to see .
dhen called th service centre to ask ppl come open th door .
wait dhere lyke bai chi lorhs =="
rched sch bout 7.35 . recorded our names by th prefect .
bilgunn was late too . dhen mr kee was lyke " wah. faith 1-1 arh ? "
LOLS. dhen he sae to damien and us, "last dae liao still cnnt punctual ? "
dhen i told hym dhat zoe was trapped in th lift lahs .
haahas xDD told 2 small white lies xp
dhen afterawhile he came to tell us dhat we no nid serve our one-hour detention !
yhays :DD dhen joined th class and had a talk frm a police officer.
andand wen to th lecture hall to do some briefing i guess ? paisehs stm . had th scnd part of th leadership tingy . sian narhs. xDD wasnt quite fun ;x
dhen plaeplae,, wen back to class .
dhen we girls go out ,, th boys zhen li th class . haahas xDD
dhey mve th table…


ohmytian arhs !
frm 17june to 3may,, 13 daes .
i send 1659 msgs sehs ! OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
==" heng th plan is singtel to singtel free derh .
if not need pae S$22 more siahs ! xDD
haahas . so dhis few daes i shldnt sms so much liao hurhs .
must cut down! cut down! cut down !


came back frm jaslin's jia .
todae hab th NE journey . th malay and indian culture trip .
girls only i wear pe lahs ! zz . =="
ahs nvm . wen to th ACM first .
th tourguide was quite impatient arhs . xDD
she talk talk talk . lyke bullet train liddhat .
haahas . ran frm places to places .
huifei got to wear th sari (?)
haahas . chio worhs ~ whooots ! :DD
all took phictures sehs ! haahas xDD
dhen hab th mock wedding .
tio jeremy andand f1-2 de monitress i tink ?
quite compatible de bahs . xDD took vid dhis tyme .
LOLS . took wen dhey gave blessings to th newly-wed couple . xDD
haahas . laalas ~
dhen walk here walk dhere .
at last going back sch,, past a cemetery sehs .
kaos . so manee tombs dwn dhere lahs .
summre th cemetery nvr wei zhu properly derh lahs ! scaree ~ ><> dhen wen back to th buzzzzzzzzzz shop .
me and pam wen to hide under th bus stop due to th scorching sun xDD
haahas ! dhen wen back dhere after awhile .
th auntie sae dhey nid to mke whad simi receipt .
gotta come back th ne…


wahs. three daes bo post hars ?
hmms. forgotten whad happen liao bahs ? xDD
okhays. vaguely bahs.

was vesak dae. followed papa to wash car at his wrkplace dhere.
cuhs ltr going soccer . wash finish,, wen to th field.
so manee wen zi and red ants lahs !
sit sit at th side dhere,, jiejie come liaos .
so wen to mac to tke my melted chococone :DD
melt all th wae lahs . LOLS. dhen watch dhem plae.
finishing liaos,, police came sehs.
again narh. got ppl complain.
alamaks ehs. after 'xams and is holidae sehs.
whadthfrig is wrong wif dhis ppl ? =="
dhen wen hme,, eat,, slept :DD

got back results hurhs ? was damn pathetic.
dint failed any buddhen. almost . DD:
next year cnfrm drop dwn manee class liao bahs .
rawrhs. sports carnival todae ? dint won. buddhen another injury to my leg. T^T
aftersch wen to payalebar wif xinerjaslinpamfelicia
to sign up fer th nebo;quest'o8
laalas . dhen wen to bugis cuhs xiner wanted to buy present .
followed lahs DD; ben lai wanted to go hme to rest my leg derh…


wahs. pain pain.
now hab to limp while walking liaos =="
todae wen to www again.
sians. DD: ben lai nt intending to go dwn derh.
buddhen must pei jiejie. haahas xDD
see i so good hurhs? xDD LOLS.
*ahems wen to aljunied dhere de market to settle breakfast
dhen wen to www. waited fer mummee de colleague to arrive while plaeing daiti :DD
rch liaos,, found a seat cuhs mummee dint wan to plae.
just plaeplaeplae lorhs. SIANNNNNNNNNNNNN.
plaster came off lurhs. DD; pain seh.
plae awhile dhen came up to eat eat.
th kfc damn long lurhs. er bian liaos xDD
eat finish liaos wen back to plae awhile dhen wen pompom-ing.
sians DD; wen to E!HUB,, bowling had tournament till three.
th place was fully packed liaos lahs.
so walked one round,, dhen wen to bedok dhere to eat.
eat fishandchips. nicenice :DD
wen to jiejie's fwen jia to tke luggage after song-ing korkor and mummee back hme.
rawrhs. sian diaos. DD;

phictures next tyme dhen upload bahs.
jiejie using fhone now. DD; uploaded .


ouch ouch ! DD;
im a accident-pro hurhs ?
todae wen to www ! { wildwildwet }
yipees ! :DD
wahs ! tong tong.
just came out from pompoming !
got two wounds sehs ! DD; wan die liao .
morning met up wif phylllis,, pamela,, xiner and jaslin at payalebar station.
dhens board th train to pasir ris.
was a long ride lah duh ! =="
haahas . dhen walked to downtown east.
phyllis so cute narhs ! :DD she was hungree liaos dhen she kept saeing;;
" wo du zi er liao narh. kee jiak beng lahs "
haahas xDD so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute narhs ! ;DD
stopped by a plaegrd to plae swing ! LOLS.
phyllis lyke gna faint liaos xDD
plaeplae awhile dhens rch dwntwn east =DD
wen straight to th foodcourt,, haahas . er bian liaos.
shared breakfast set wif pam :DD
i ate th eggy while she ate th toast bun !
rawrhs. dhen top-up our funkey crd.
enter www. rented lockers and put all our tings after applying sunblock xDD
plae plae plae :DD plaed ular lah first !
cuhs www just opened,, we chiong to ular lah. haahas xDD
dhen plaeplaeplae narhs…


:DD yhays!
exam finally over liaos ! :DD
haahas. just came back frm ps.
shopshopshop,, leg and yao all aching DD;
todae after dnt paper,, went to eat at canteen.
dhen me pam xiner and amanda wen to board bus.
to toapayoh stadium :DD
while waiting fer th bus,, havoc liao lahs .
all bei xtreme mkeover liaos . =="
zz . dhen on th bus kip combcomb comb xDD
haahahahas !! pam comb oso no use liddhats .
yi zhi bei me and xiner xtreme mkeover.
heh hehs ! pam lyke gui liddhats xDD
LOLS. dhen wanted to slp liaos,, buddhens rch liaos -.-
so wen off th bus stop . rched th stadium.
followed xiner and amanda. pam and me dwn dhere gongong derh.
haahas xDD cuhs we're lyke total xtrahh dwn dhere lahs .
all hongwen derh dhen we suddenly pop out dwn dhere.
walk here walk dhere. xiner and amanda walk so fast.
me and pam lag behind dhen slowly walk past one vip area.
tio meh sehs. gt one tcher ask us walk on th grass. zz =="
bo bian dhen walk one big round lahs.
nofair derh. xiner and amanda walk past oso nvr tio…