after mathsp1,, wen to canteen to eat ofc.
dhen wen to th sch library to do art.
buddhen i dunno how to draw lahs !
th sketches so hard. siao ehs.
ayyes,, natalie dajie helped me alot :DD thanks'ya!
haahas. she's so pro lahs. draw damn nice.
alot ppl kip asking fer her. dhen she run round to help ppl draw.
xDD dhens do till twelve,, librarian nid go eat lunch liaos.
zz ==" so we hab to go out norhs.
dhen wen to canteen again,, buddhen i dint ate? or did i? xDD
nvm,, stm attack. x] dhens jiu wen to national library instead.
wen dhere,, wen crazee and bonkers in silence (?).
very funny lahs ! xiner wei ler yi li mentos dhen zui jaslin lyke siao xDD
cuhs jaslin dunwan gib her ! library damn noisy sehs.
all is gmss de ren mke de sehs xDD
dhens a dm came,, ask us all to kip quiet.
buddhen i guess still very noisy? DDx
dhen we just carry on doing our art lorhs.
tmd. suddenly dm came. she saw us dhen zhi jie open a paper wif such a force lahs !
dhen just throw on th table,, " write ur names down "
zz. ==" lmaos lah. we're lyke ;; wtf ? as if is we mke de noise liddhat lahs.
write liao names dhen she walk awae lorhs. =="
rawrhs. wanted to cont drawing de.
buddhen th whole atmosphere totally ruin liao lahs.
bo xin hua liaos. so we faster finish our modifications .
wen we're leaving,, th dm came { wif a smile} zz =="
" are you all leaving? " LOLS. sounds so qin qie lahs.
scary worhs. xDD haahas. lmaos. dhen we just sae " arh. "
haahas. dhen we left th library xDD
me pam jaslin wanted to buy eraser fer tml de art.
so wen to a stationary shop to buy eraser.
haahas. i pok liao sehs. DD:
lian buy eraser oso nid borrow $-$ from jaslin !
LOLS. dhen lagged at th shop. wen outside th shop.
dhen saw someone feeding th cat foooooood lehs !
eeyers. so uncivilised derhs. anyhow feed ye mao ye gou food.
can sue her de cans ! xDD haahas.
we nt so bad lahs ;DD
dhen cont walking past th blk to round mac dhat area.
wahliaos,, saw one mre cat-lover sehs !
only dhis tyme dhere's got nine cats instead of one. zz =="
dhen hackare lahs. cont walking..
dhen suddenly pam screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam at th sky.
it wasn't a sky. it was a C-A-T .LOLS xDD
damn scary lahs. it was standing on top of some sorta wall lahs !
black cat sehs. wif dhat evil green eyes.
andand wif dhat posture;; im-gnna-eat-you .
looks lyke dhose type of cats dhat are gna pounced on dheir prey liao lahs ! =="
zz. are we so small ? -.- rawrhs !
dhen faster chiong out th blk,, xiner wanted to buy th grape shwt.
very shwt de lahs,, put in ur mouth will melt derh dhat type.
ohmytian-narhs. i tink she bought six rolls sehs ! =="
zz. siao de. later kana tang yao bing arhs xDD LOLS.
jokingjoking. im nt dhat bad okhays. xDD
haahas ! dhen sit at a round table near th mama shop.
cuhs we're waiting fer TXE to jiang wan dian hua wif her lover lorhs xDD
dhen walk to pam's blk.
me pam andand laoarhma all run to hide sehs.
we all hide behind a wall. so sotsot lahs ! -.-
wanted to xia TXE derhs. buddhen somehow she cme xia us. =="
lmaos. dhen wen to pam's hse.
wen to her rm,, sat dwn at th table to do art.
laoarhma so zidong lahs ! call zidongsao better ! :DD
haahas. we so pro sehs! th potato chips actually more dhen threequarter full de sehs.
dhen we munch ! munch ! munch ! HAAHAS !
finish lohs ~! xDD LOLS ! :DD
dhen drawdraw abit. wen TXE wanted to go hme,,
laobu dunwan let me go hme DD:
she so bad sehs ! xDD haahas..
after awhile dhen wen hme,, alone. DD:
once rched hme,, eat dinner while looking at tv and my art.
dint really start doing untill nine.
completed my modifications dhen did th compositions { ardy eleven liaos! }
LOLS. dhen chiong all chiong till onethirty am wif papa's help.
dhen wen slp lahs ! so tired DD: