boos ! im tired . DD;
damn tiring luhs . ytd slept at twleve wke at four to song jiejie .
woked at 0715 todae dhen wen pompom-ing .
dhen called pam handfhone . tot she still slping, forgotten got band sehs .
i go call her hse lahs . dhen wke up her whole family sehs . paiseh ahs . xDD
wen to her hse deh plaegrd wait .
dhen wen fer band . trumpet only pam one recruit sehs .
so kelian luhs . all is dhat stuuuupid old granny go whad chinese cultural camp .
haahas . plaed th bflat scale and th two other rythm luhs . dunno call whad .
mygawd . i carn change frm a to b luhs . DD;
dhen had sectionals . dhen lunch :DD
wen to market to eat ji fan . eat finish ,, was raining .
huiting pam me mao yu hui band rm . tot late liao luhs -.-
dhen mr samuel wanted us to plae th holy, holy, holy luhs .
my and christina dwn dhere gong gong deh . xDD both lost luhs .
haahas . dhen fall out,, wen to pam's jia slack .
drink hotmilk . watch tv,, wen hme tgt wif jaslin and huiting wen granny gtg .