haahas xDD
todae ben lai going out mac studee derhs.
buddhen th weather damn nice sleep. xDD
i eleven dhen wke up sehs.
dhens todae hab dinner at hougang cc.
so bout four nid go liaos..
pam's tt to bout twelve fifteen.
actually meeting at one.
from one to four. { three hours niah sehs. } =="
so nvr go out lorhs.
guaiguai camp at hme.
buddhen camp at hme also nvr studee sehs. xDD
die narhs. mondae -- maths papertwo andand hcl papertwo.
maths alot dun understand sehs =="
simi factorise,, expand. dhen th angle.
supposing to be easy,, buddhen got stm narhs.
kept forgetting th reasons. LOLS xDD
sighh,, dhens bout fiveplus wen pompom.
dhens waited fer hair to dry,, awhile of preparation { very long ==" }
wen to papa de lorry,, which he waited very long liaos.
LOLS xDD wen dhere.
rch dhere dhen saw th banner. =="
just knew dhat th celebration was fer mother's day narhs! x\
dinner,, blarhsblarhs. drank alot water sehs.
dhen kip going to th toilet. LOLS!
dinner. not okhay. totally disgusting. =="
food lyke shyt except fer th meat tingy . haahas.
at last got cake. actually got white cream cake derhs.
buddhen mummee go ask if can change to choco de.
haahas. total only got four choco cakes sehs. xDD
wen cut th cake. tmd. th choco is just a layer niah.
booooooooooooos! ]: cheapskate.
even dhey gib th five-in-one mechanical box was cheapskate narhs.
hab nailcliper,, scissors,, mo zhi jia de,, wa er duo de
andand th one use to untie knots on clothes.
some broken,, some bent. th plastic casing was damn dirty =="
hackare. buddhen heard dhat th a table was twohunred oh.
damn ex sehs. fer all th shyt food dhen still cost so much.
arh nvm. is arhgong pae de. LOLS xDD
dhens lucky draw. suay narhs.
we all sit at two tables// 12 and 13.
dhens i sit de table { 12 } nvr tio any sehs =="
only 13 tio. hai tio twice sehs.
one is th washing face ting { cost onehunredplus } andand th oven toaster.
zz. dhens mumme wen hme wif th washing face tingy.
haahas xDD cuhs she owaes put makeup de mahs.
dhen wen hme, bloated. rawrhs.
used com till now. papa kept walking here sehs.
tinks he wans to plae? well, it's obvious duh~
okhays. 2.04am liaos. go orhorh liaos. xDD
hmms. mayb watch tv first ? see gt hao kan de xi mah.
haahas,, just hope dhat dhey wun nagnag anymre ? xDD
LOLS. khaykhays,, justjoking. tata~

LOLS. phictures all kop frm jiejie de ! xDD