lohloh! xDD
ytd slept at three,, todae morning wke up at eight.
dhens wen back sleep again . xDD
till eleven dhen wake up again.
wen to whampoa market to eat. rawrhs.
was okhay. dhen walk walk abit wen back hme.
ohmytian narh. later going out sehs.
going lao ren yuan visit arh ma..
tml exams sehs! maths siah.
i just found out i never bring back any texbook or file lahs !
si kiao kiao liao lah !
hmms. mayb borrow frm jiejie.
just hope dhat she hab keep sec one de lahs.
buddhen different version de. DD;
whad to do ? blurblur nvr bring back maths to studee. DD;