came back frm jaslin's jia .
todae hab th NE journey . th malay and indian culture trip .
girls only i wear pe lahs ! zz . =="
ahs nvm . wen to th ACM first .
th tourguide was quite impatient arhs . xDD
she talk talk talk . lyke bullet train liddhat .
haahas . ran frm places to places .
huifei got to wear th sari (?)
haahas . chio worhs ~ whooots ! :DD
all took phictures sehs ! haahas xDD
dhen hab th mock wedding .
tio jeremy andand f1-2 de monitress i tink ?
quite compatible de bahs . xDD took vid dhis tyme .
LOLS . took wen dhey gave blessings to th newly-wed couple . xDD
haahas . laalas ~
dhen walk here walk dhere .
at last going back sch,, past a cemetery sehs .
kaos . so manee tombs dwn dhere lahs .
summre th cemetery nvr wei zhu properly derh lahs ! scaree ~ ><> dhen wen back to th buzzzzzzzzzz shop .
me and pam wen to hide under th bus stop due to th scorching sun xDD
haahas ! dhen wen back dhere after awhile .
th auntie sae dhey nid to mke whad simi receipt .
gotta come back th next dae lahs ! =="
rawrhs. dhen wen to jaslin's jia .
xiner wen hme . at bout five wen hme liaos . SIANS . DD: