rawrhs. woke up at three plus dhis morning .
jiejie flying to shanghai liaos . smeting programme liddhat deh .
would be gone fer eight daes . DD;
ee . later our room so kong and scary liaos . DDx
haahas . ahs ! wen mac eat breakast dhen go airport, terminal 3 to wait .
dhey gather gather dhen jiejie check-in . afterawhile dhen jiejie go liaos . DD;
later going kallang leisure ice-skate liaos .
pok liao luhs . =="

had band . was tiring luhs .
had lunch tyme break at eleven plus .
wen to mac eat :DD
huiting was plaeing wif th sauces luhs .
mixed mayo wif garlichilli . disgusting luhs . but nice xDD
dhen wen th plaegrd to sitsit . called msvoo :DD
heh hehs ! go disiao her . xDD haahas .
dhen wen back sch . ran lyke crazee luhs .
cuhs sexayye sae late liao luhs . actually is th upper sec released frm o'levels chi exam.
dhen band, sectionals . learn th interval and th ahpeijeer or simi deh lahs .
damn booooooooooooooooring luhs ! dhen sec1 band gather rd.
mr ed tch us interval . cuhs some seniors nvr tch dhem ?
dhen he man man lai . tke his own shwt time . four liaos .
he sae," do you all wan a break ? "
dhen we all was lyke ; go hooooooome liao lahs !
LOLS . lmaos -.- dhen practice awhile . fall out ,, bbt :DD
bought choco milkshake . dhen huiting wanted to buy ice-cream .
so wen mac . buddhen th whole machine-making spoiled luhs .
just sat dwn dhere. dhen she bought a cheeseburger .
she go use chili to draw a smiley and sad face on both side of th burger lahs . -.-
dhen pam said she go ntuc buy choco dhen go hme liaos .
dhen we hao liao, wen to ntuc . carn find her .
so called her luhs . she ardy at hme liao sehs . =="
dhen wen wif jalin to shop'nsave to buy th tingy . xDD
walk to th coffeshop, jaslin sae want to put th tingy at pam jia .
so wen up luhs. leg damn aching lyke hell luuuuuuuuuuuhs . gna die liaos DD:
jaslin wen her hse to drink water, i wen to sit dwn . lmaos ..
dhen wen hme luhs . jaslin brought back th guide to see. haahas xDD
wen hme , aching lyke shyts . zz .

rawrhs . imtired . DD;
i go back sleeeeeeeep liaos ! toodles !
ten or whad dhen wke up pompom ! :DD
carn get to sleep lohs . -..-

{ huting's happyface-burger xDD }
{ th auto watercooler at airport }
{ boliao-ing }
{ urhs . th lift ? }

{ randomly taken }