ouch ouch ! DD;
im a accident-pro hurhs ?
todae wen to www ! { wildwildwet }
yipees ! :DD
wahs ! tong tong.
just came out from pompoming !
got two wounds sehs ! DD; wan die liao .
morning met up wif phylllis,, pamela,, xiner and jaslin at payalebar station.
dhens board th train to pasir ris.
was a long ride lah duh ! =="
haahas . dhen walked to downtown east.
phyllis so cute narhs ! :DD she was hungree liaos dhen she kept saeing;;
" wo du zi er liao narh. kee jiak beng lahs "
haahas xDD so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute narhs ! ;DD
stopped by a plaegrd to plae swing ! LOLS.
phyllis lyke gna faint liaos xDD
plaeplae awhile dhens rch dwntwn east =DD
wen straight to th foodcourt,, haahas . er bian liaos.
shared breakfast set wif pam :DD
i ate th eggy while she ate th toast bun !
rawrhs. dhen top-up our funkey crd.
enter www. rented lockers and put all our tings after applying sunblock xDD
plae plae plae :DD plaed ular lah first !
cuhs www just opened,, we chiong to ular lah. haahas xDD
dhen plaeplaeplae narhs.
saw alot gms sehs xDD
ard two,, soaked alot water. and fer me.
alot of injuries liaos. visited th first-aid twice.
to visit th uncle. LOLS. no lurhs.
to get free plaster on my wound made by PAMELA =="
zz. shall not elaborate =="
first tyme put th plaster,, plaed in tsunami awhile,, it came off.
dhens wen back to put again,, wen to jacuzzi. came off again ! -.-
dhen just wen ard plaeplae liaos.
after pompoming dhen wen back find th uncle put plaster again =DD
dhis tyme round cuhs use too many plaster nid tian form.
zz. zao zhi dao duntke his plaster liaos -.-
dhen bought shrooms burger meal.
whippedpotato to cheese fries. pepsi to icemilo
toot lahs th girl. tmd. tke her own shwt tyme.
by th tyme i bought my tings,, laoarhma ardy eat finish lohs.
dhen wen ard find arcade. zz.
renovation. stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.
asked a shopowner whre issit. she's sooooo patient narhs :DD
heh hehs. found th arcade,, bought th crd and wen abit wild.
wasnt quite fun DD: dhen wen back to station.
xiner needed to buy dinner and go hme liaos.
dhen afterawhile jaslin and xiner gone liaos.
left me and pamela dwn dhere shop shop.
actually wanted to stae fer dinner derhs.
buddhen dun feel lyke eating,, so just ran bout shopping.
hahaas :DD bought a couple pouch wif pamela.
cute narhs. will be uploading soon.
dhen wen hme DD; dint zilian at all todae lahs ! xDD

{ i took th one on th left :DD im mre boy yeah ? LOLS xDD }
{ heh hehs ! my oooooooooooooooooone ! :DD }

{ taken at mrt;; before pompoming }

{ after pompom-ing . die sehs. no waterproof de plaster xDD }

boos! tml going www again.
wif family cuhs mumme de company gib free ticket.
ouch. ka ti-yah liaos ! tata,, go orh orh liaos :DD