wahs. three daes bo post hars ?
hmms. forgotten whad happen liao bahs ? xDD
okhays. vaguely bahs.

was vesak dae. followed papa to wash car at his wrkplace dhere.
cuhs ltr going soccer . wash finish,, wen to th field.
so manee wen zi and red ants lahs !
sit sit at th side dhere,, jiejie come liaos .
so wen to mac to tke my melted chococone :DD
melt all th wae lahs . LOLS. dhen watch dhem plae.
finishing liaos,, police came sehs.
again narh. got ppl complain.
alamaks ehs. after 'xams and is holidae sehs.
whadthfrig is wrong wif dhis ppl ? =="
dhen wen hme,, eat,, slept :DD

got back results hurhs ? was damn pathetic.
dint failed any buddhen. almost . DD:
next year cnfrm drop dwn manee class liao bahs .
rawrhs. sports carnival todae ? dint won. buddhen another injury to my leg. T^T
aftersch wen to payalebar wif xinerjaslinpamfelicia
to sign up fer th nebo;quest'o8
laalas . dhen wen to bugis cuhs xiner wanted to buy present .
followed lahs DD; ben lai wanted to go hme to rest my leg derh. oww.
me and pam wen to zuo zuo at th staircase while waiting .
th pain was unbearable . dhen walked abit.
xiner need to eat dinner so wen to th bugis foodcourt .
she bought a samba fish or whad derh .
haahas,, dint quite hab a good impression on such fish.
was nice lahs. pamjaslin kept kop-ing xDD
dhen wen hme. buddhen jiejie sae her fhone revive frm hosp liaos .
so wen to tke it at tamp lahs .
poke scnd earhole dhere . haahas :DD
buddhen carn choose th earring (?!) whadthfrig.
th earring damn big. shiny somemre one arhs !
pei mummee walked . wen hme,, hungry-ed .

todae had chapel,, recess dhen slacked at class .
bo tcher :DD plaed wif xiner's hair . haahas .
punk sehs xDD dhen leadership training ting.
sians . oww . jaslin mke tio wo de ear sehs ! ohmytian lahs ! T^T
had band . was sian . DDx
mr.samuel wanted to show us a vid.
buddhen it took hone whole hour to show it to us lahs .
but nvm lahs . had fun too :DD haahas.
th vid was bout performances frm japan i tink?
damn pro sehs . although i find dhere actions abit exagerative (?) xDD
watch finish,, wen back to band rm to practice .
damn hrd lahs DD; senior was good ! :DD
fall out,, after samula-ing fer afew tymes.
accompanied pam to ntuc wif sexayye andand jaslin .
she bought chocos anddhen she wen to buy dinner wif her mama .
dhen wen hme lahs . ate,, slacked,, blogged .