wen kallang leisure todae to ice-skate :DD
met vanessa, daniel and zhenhong at th mrt . i wasnt late okhay ! ;p
shannen damien shuting pamela all sms me to sae dhey will be later luhs .
zz -..- shannnen came first, dhen damien, shuting .
pamela was th latest luhs ! man man tun tun deh walk luhs .
while waiting, i was chatting wif pam luhs .
i ask her whre she , dhen she sae just walk past th police station .
haahas xDD joking niah luhs, ofc .
gong gong vanessa lead us to th bus-stop beside th mrt .
waited dwn dhere fer tenmins or so, pam shu me wen to check if dhere was bus11 luhs .
zz . dhen nvr found bus11 . so wen to ask th mrt ren .
she sae is th bus-stop across th mrt, at th newblk dhere luhs .
-.- dhen wen dhere to wait lorhs, boarded, rched
split into two grps luhs . shannen jolin damien zhenhong wanted to bowl .
so me pam shu vanessa daniel just wen ahead to skate luhs .
th entrance fee wasnt cheap DD; tink bout S$seventeen liddhats ?
money fly liaos DD; dhen wen to tke th boots .
damn cool luhs . so heavy . put our tings dwn and wore th boots .
atfirst very hrd to balance luhs . dhen try try .
wen dwn to th ring wif th balancing bar .
at dhat tyme, hen sao ren luhs . so nice to plae .
can anyhow skate all you wan ! :DD haahas .
wen crazee . dhen skateskateskate .
fell dwn twice . DD; buddhen actually okhay nahs . twice niahs . xDD
first tyme is wen me pam shu laugh bout a *accident* dhens all fell to dhe grd nahs .
scnd tyme is wen all of us held hand, dhen i wasnt balanced.
dhen pull shu and pam dwn. haahas xDD
ahs nvm . dhen wen out wen th time was almost up .
extrahh one min or whad nid pae fer th whole hr luhs .
so wen out early . returned th tickets just on tyme xDD
dhen blahsblahs . wen to koufu oto eat th saba fish ! :DD
damn delisocious . shared wif pam, $6 per set lehs .
wen to dwnstair to wait fer laopo; dayna to come .
so sorriew ahs laopo xp thankiews shuting ! :DD
dhen wen arcade . sian luhs . zz . dint took any phictures .
wen hme at bout six. shu needed to go back liaos .
wen tgt luhs . dhen pam wen tgt too .
awaited bus11 and wen back hme . DD;