ohmytian ! late fer sch todae ! haahas xDD
wasnt on purpose luhs . just dhat th lift which zoe board wif some other passangers
got trapped in th lift . dhen she told me,, i wen to see .
dhen called th service centre to ask ppl come open th door .
wait dhere lyke bai chi lorhs =="
rched sch bout 7.35 . recorded our names by th prefect .
bilgunn was late too . dhen mr kee was lyke " wah. faith 1-1 arh ? "
LOLS. dhen he sae to damien and us, "last dae liao still cnnt punctual ? "
dhen i told hym dhat zoe was trapped in th lift lahs .
haahas xDD told 2 small white lies xp
dhen afterawhile he came to tell us dhat we no nid serve our one-hour detention !
yhays :DD dhen joined th class and had a talk frm a police officer.
andand wen to th lecture hall to do some briefing i guess ? paisehs stm .
had th scnd part of th leadership tingy .
sian narhs. xDD wasnt quite fun ;x
dhen plaeplae,, wen back to class .
dhen we girls go out ,, th boys zhen li th class . haahas xDD
dhey mve th table and chairs . hao liao we dhen go in .
todae my duty ! boohoo . swept th floor wif xiner .
sweating lyke shyt ahs ! -.-
swept hao liaos . sat dwn on th chair ting li lao shi jiang hua .
dhen tell us whad to do during th holis .
had to find 3 chi newspaper article and write how we feel sehs .
==" rawrhs . dhen ms tan gave out th sci ws andand th em ws . DD;
so manee lahs ! dhen gave out ans sht fer hist and geog ?
i tink so . mrs hoe's turn . -.- she gave ws too .
andand gave back us our journal .
haahas . dhen took a packet of mamee andand finally leave th classroom ! :DD
dhen bei dayna la zou . zz =="
she ask me accomapny to fourth level dhen pangseh me ! DD;
bad lao po ! rawrhs xDD .
dhen wen library to borrow th book .
at first tot it wld be a nice book ? =="
turn out dhat it doesnt look too appealing .
guess i wldn't read it liao bahs ? so boring and dull de book xp
dhen wen canteen to eat .
eat nasi lemak :DD dhen chatted wif awoman or smeting de barh .
frm th leadership tingy derhs .
dhen pam wen off . DD; sit sit dhere awhile dhen wen off to payalebar !
been dhere fer th third tyme dhis wk . zz =="
dhen had th reciept,, xiner bought pearl milk tea bfore going to th mrt .
wen out of th train at aljunied .
called pam's mummee . xDD actually wan go her hse derh .
buddhen jaslin sae very paiseh . dhen wen into th train ,, to bugis .
she wanted to go back hme derh . buddhen xiner kept holding onto her bag xDD
cuhs she wan drink bbt . buddhen we made a pact bfore wif pamjaslin and me .
if anyone of us bought bbt dhis wk,, wld hab to pae each other $1 .
LOLS . dhen finally hab to give in to her,, no nid to pae th extrahh S$2 .

haahas xDD dhen wen shopshop abit .
dhens wen to art-friend to shop .
afterawhile xiner nid go hme liaos . jiu go hme lorhs! DD;