one-hundred :DD

laalalas xD

mother's day. laalas. wish all mothers a happy dae ! xDD
LOLS. *ahems. wen to ju en lao ren yuan { ard punggol dhere }.
buddhen before dhat wen to xiao yi de jia to pick arhgong .
whadthfreak narhs . carn she just zai arhgong go th church mehs .
==" zz. gib whad stuuuupid lame reasons to ask us go pick.
rawrhs. dhens arhgong wan huan ku,, so wen up to her hse .
* my arhgong lives wif my xiao yi *
it'slyke ohmygooooodness luan lahs !
once open th door,, wahs ~ lyke rubbish dump liddhats !
th sofa all clothes,, th whole hse filled wif tings larhs .
dhen th toilet,, eww~.
how can someone even use it sehs .
th whole hse lyke nt suitable fer human to live in lahs ! ;x
dhen wen dwn,, off we wen to th lao ren yuan .
greeted arhma . buddhen i guess she dint heard it ? x\
she hab hearing problem oh . walk walk ard th " park " .
dhens wen out . dhens yi po wanted to eat curry.
dheir car wen out first. dhen we stuck dwn dhere,, th auto gate.
th sensor sumting wrong sehs. urghs nvm.
dhen xiao yi called to sae wan we go first cuhs she wan da you.
whadthhell narhs. wan to eat free meal dhen sae lahs !
dou le zhe me da de quan. zz =="
daddee ordered alot of tings to eat lahs .
dinner wasnt so spicy as last tyme.
but th funny ting was dhat;;
my cousin,, fiveyearsold. dint quite know whad is curry.
dhen he asked fer curry,, on his rice.
LOLS. dhen eat liao he sweat lyke hell sehs .
frm head to neck all sweat lai de !
dhen he eat finish liao,, kept asking fer water.
haahas . so ke lian liddhat. xDD
dhen eat finish liao,, dhey wen hme andand
mumme stop by a tan wei selling shop.
and bought a watch which she dint quite lyke.
cuhs th other one dhat she wanted to buy we said dhat it wasnt nice ;x
wen hme afterdhat ! xDD