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waaaaahs . long time nvr post liaos . heh heh . MIA-ing ! xDD
wke up wif swollen and red right eye . T-T damn pain luuuuuuuuuhs .
em th first two period . time really flies lah .
so fast lit liaos . zz . dint bring a single ting for lit =x
no wrksht, no book, no file .
book, file thot at sch -..- wrksht at drawing blck inside .
dhen mrs chng go thru test paper , see pam de luhs .
heh heh ;D afterdhat she go thru th wrksht , i just write dwn th answers lohs .
wan pass up liao i dhen tell her wrksht stuck at art rm
thot she will scold like shit luhs , buddhen she just smile smile sae after art pass to her .
haahas :DDD dhen recess .
eng as usual , horny lesson =xx
dhen hcl , tcher talk bout ' 公函 ' . damn boring lohs .
nearly fell aslp , but manage to concentrate whad she was tching xDD
sci last lesson . dun quite get whad ms tan is saeing lohs -..-
eat lunch, dhen wen for band . set up instrument dhen fall in .
raaawrhs . band rm all th wae, foundation of perfomance -.-x
plaed furusatos . so man…


had art in th morning, draw dunno whad surreal city -..-
dunno whad to draw luhs .
art lesson end liaos, i only draw four buildings liddhat .
rawrhs . dhen chapel .
starting was okhay, i was wide awake luhs !
dhen slowly sing sing sing, pastor talk talk .
head kept poing poing ah ! mygaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd .
recess,, took my sci file and pen dwn to recess .
ytd forget to bring hme update ;xx chiong all paper .
ended up nvr eat anyting . lalaahs . dun intend to eat anywae ;DD
dhens em , do th whad triangels tingy .
cme, mdm thurraya on maternal leave liaos .
so mstan took over . rawrhs . so sian luhs .
dhen sci, learn bout changing matters all dhat .
last lessson, hcl . li lao shi nvr come dhen gt relief .
nth to do, th tcher rather let us waste time dhen let us go luhs . tootpid !
ate lormee for lunch, refilled bottle and wen band rm .
naana . sectional, dhen recruit baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand .
fall out , wen hme .


sch reopen ! rawrhs . sucks luhs ..
damn tied cans . wen to sch as usual wif zoe aka mei .
was th last girl as th same as last semester . heh heh ;D
class class, heng gt bring sing to the dawn for lit ;DD
lessons over, wen canteen eat lunch, ate wanton mee .
wen for camp, fall in under th sun . damn hot lorhs ! rawrhs .
practice awhile, sectionals . plaed once wif yuyue, lina and zhijie .
LOLS . very good liao can . i approach dhem de lorh .
lalahs . dhen band wan liaos, wen mac see huiting and pamela eat .
LOLS ! koup huiting fries ! whoots ! ;DD

damn tired oso luhs ! lessons lessons ! BOOOOOOOORING DD:
esp. geog luhs ! th whad ms woooooooooooooooooooooong .
gna die liao lohs . she sae every word i was lyke gna drop dead liao . -..- was drawing during lessons . LOLS. got phicture wohs .
dhen had IT lesson after sch .
bforedhat chiong a hcl compo luhs . lyke whadthell..
only 5mins to eat leh . aiyoohs -..- hackare . eat slow slow .
dhen wen to shang th IT course . quite fun de luh, heh he…


wen to pick cousins up first, dhen headed towards eastcoast's bowling .
waited for our two lanes, finally gt only one .
each lane can only tke up to six ppl luhs , so daddee dint plae .
plae plae plae, one round . gt another lane liao .
dhen daddee join in . heh heh ;D
dhey plae another round . i dint plae liao . xDD
so only took i plae de score . LOLS x\
wen swee chun to eat timsum again ! whooyeah ! ;DD
dhens wen hme, on all 3 coms .
all cousin plae dms -..- slept at 5plus .
i wke at 10plus, cousins all awake and plaeing com liao sehs -..-
siao ehs . dhey wke at 8 sehs ..
dhen daddee wke up, wen to eat at sims ave and came hme .

hot choco ! damn delicious ;D

ziyang (cousin) and korkor

papa's pose

korkor's pose

1st round total . mine's th first ! -..- th rest forget whu's liao . except th last is korkor's

papa's solo

swee chun menu ! xD

cousins and korkor . all plaeing coms . -..-


quiz by mummee .
starting time; o457

o1. idk
o2. idk
o3. idk
o4. idk
o5. idk
o6. idk
o7. idk
o8. idk
o9. idk
1o. idk
11. idk
12. idk
13. idk
14. idk
15. idk
16. idk
17. idk
18. idk
19. idk
2o. idk xD

ending time; o457
0mins, 0 people .


ooh yeahs . later going bowling and swee chun again !
wif cousin dhis time . heh heh ;DD
i wan my swee chun !! rawrhs !
ohyah, nebo crd arrived ! th phicture sucks as i expected .
i gave my pri sch phicture which doesnt look abit lyke me . x\
vouchers too ! yeah .


sheeshs . whre shld i start ?

wen to ahgong's jia for father's dae celebration .
ate huo guo, wen dwn to plae soccer at th court again ;D

staed at hme all dae slack .
pack my tings for camp at night .
damn pissed off in th night luhs .. tio pangseh-ed for th bandcamp .

whoolahs ! band camp ! threedaes two nights .
cnnt tke fhone de lohs . DD; sads . i so guai bo smuggle de hor !
so dint took any phictures luhs .
practically practising till crazayye, plaeplaeplae :DD
had theory test . shits luhs . did my best . LOLS . xDD
dint ton thru th night . both daes wanted to ton deh ..
buddhen christina, wanwen and me sat dwn dhere, on our slping bags chitchat .
i lie dwn while listening till wan slp liao siahs ;x
had amazing race too . ran ard lyke crazee . dint get wet all over xDD
everyone gt splash while jeslin pump us dwn in positions .
dhen have talentnight -..- was in th same grp wif wanwen, 6 :DD
leader was cherry . we gt th song; ' merry widow '
dint know whad to…


had band in th morning . damn sian cans .
wen for breakfast, ate an egg and milo bing :DD
dhen wen back for band ..
band wan liao wen to pam's jia eat free lunch ! LOLS x\
wen to huiting's jia aftdhat . cuhs she wanted to huan yi .
and to tke th bubblegum xDD heh hehs ;DD
dhen wen to east coast . rented rollerblades .
i just gib $5.oo ! :DD yeahs . actually $1o deh .
haahas . pok liaos . dhens mummee bang wo fu $5 :DD arigatou !
plaed lyke crazee . huiting and jaslin fell ! mwuahahas xDD
wo gen pam fell once niah bahs . heh hehs ;D
wanted to try jump while skating deh . failed dhen phua dou . DD;
skate awhile dhen wen to find a place to rest . use th $o.6o to order instant noodles .
mummee pae th remaining $o.5o . LOLS xDD
dhen skated awhile, returned th rollerblades .
wen mac to slack . watch pam and jaslin eat oreo choco cake, huiting eat onion rings DD;
hme aftdhat, com-ed . dms-ed . xDD

comp-ed at hme . dms-ed ! ;DD
wen to toapayoh wif jiejie to buy ku zi .
returned hme aft slack…