sch reopen ! rawrhs . sucks luhs ..
damn tied cans . wen to sch as usual wif zoe aka mei .
was th last girl as th same as last semester . heh heh ;D
class class, heng gt bring sing to the dawn for lit ;DD
lessons over, wen canteen eat lunch, ate wanton mee .
wen for camp, fall in under th sun . damn hot lorhs ! rawrhs .
practice awhile, sectionals . plaed once wif yuyue, lina and zhijie .
LOLS . very good liao can . i approach dhem de lorh .
lalahs . dhen band wan liaos, wen mac see huiting and pamela eat .
LOLS ! koup huiting fries ! whoots ! ;DD

damn tired oso luhs ! lessons lessons ! BOOOOOOOORING DD:
esp. geog luhs ! th whad ms woooooooooooooooooooooong .
gna die liao lohs . she sae every word i was lyke gna drop dead liao . -..-
was drawing during lessons . LOLS. got phicture wohs .
dhen had IT lesson after sch .
bforedhat chiong a hcl compo luhs . lyke whadthell..
only 5mins to eat leh . aiyoohs -..- hackare . eat slow slow .
dhen wen to shang th IT course . quite fun de luh, heh heh .
th present phyllis gib dhat she boght at japan ! heh heh ;D thankiews !
tadah ! my drawing . LOLS !
jaslin's back view during hcl ;x
pam, jas, txe
XINER !! :DD whooooooooooooots !
luuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch ^-^

after band . huiting's food
mama eating fries ;x
LOLS. bo liao mahs ..