met xiner jaslin nd pam at 7am fer th nebo tingy .
damn tired luhs . wna sleep liaos DD;
took mrt to dhobby ghaut and head towards th bigbig orange ballooon .
alot ppl luhs . dhen q-ed fer th registration form .
tmd . dhey sae whad we nvr register lahs . all is dhat uncle at dhat buzz outlet .
dunno how to do dhen geigei dwn dhere act pro . ;p blehs .
after a looooooong while dhen settle hao liaos . got our shirts and changed .
i look.. weird ? -.- haahas . xiner oso look weird wif dhat pants .
sat dwn dhere wait fer dhem to gib us briefing . wanted to go 7-11 buy shwts .
wait very looooong liaos dhen ren bu zhu go 7-11 buy .
wen we come back , th briefing over liaos . zz . we only heard th cheer luhs .
( th quest ! th quest !
you know you know is th best !
th quest ! th quest !
nebo nebo is th best ! ) x2

LOLS. damn lame luhs -.-
dhen wait wait wait, finally wen off .
run lyke crazee . cuhs everyone started running lahs !
headed fer th train . th train was gna close liao luhs .
buddhen we still chiong . pam nvr chiong in . LOLS .
dhen waited fer her at clack quay . blahs blahs .
found th marshall and had to plae a piggyback game .
ohmygawd luhs ! so dizzy sehs . was being piggyback-ed fer four tymes sehs .
wan die liaos . last trip was oldgranny piggyback-ing me .
nomre strength liao luhs . clung unto her lyke sdd ;x
dhen off to th next station . forgotten whre liao luhs .
we went to raffles place, tampines, pasir ris , downtown east .
zz . ==" run lyke crazee . th last part whre we wen to pasir ris park .
had to move frm a line to th next wif all of us involved, nt using our legs to move .
th ground was lyke damn dirty and rough luhs .
ahs nvm . dhen wen wen to downtown east wen we completed th game .
started raining . and we walk-ed in th rain to th finishing point luhs !
damn soaked . wet lyke crazee . heng th shirt is orange :DD
collected goodie bag and lucky draw coupon .
wen to th toilet to dry ourself somehow and wen to th milo truck .
milo wasnt nice . but it was cold . haahas :DD
dhen wen to sat dwn at th hall or smeting while waiting fer th lucky draw .
dhey go ask dunno whad band to come luhs .
damn friggin noisy . we wen out to buy shoes and wen to toilet .
dhen wen to escape, got free voucher to go in . mwuahhhahas ! :DDDDDD
wen to sit flipper first . so dizzy luhs . dhen wen ard lyke crazee .
plae pirate ship, damn scary luhs ! dhen wen haunted hse too .
so damn funny luhs , we wen in first, dhen walk halfwae turned back.
saw another grp, walk tgt . dhen walk so slow, another grp come liaos .
haahas . wen we wen out, threegrps came out tgt xDD
plae inverter, not scaree at all de lahs . pairateship mre scaree .
laalalas . plae choo choo train last :DD we wen to australia, america . LOLS xDD
wen out and had to wen hme fer dinner .

wen to kan yi shen at kallang bahru .
dwn wif flu and cough fer a few daes liaos . DD;
wen to pam's hse . dhen wen her da yi ma de hse. xDD
i cnnt sniff th ting ! boos DD; ate it dwn, depending on my tastebud .
shan't elaborate . secret ! shhhs ! xDD it was fun . teehehee !


tadahs ! th goodie bag ;;

took awae some liaos xDD

whoo yeah ! i got four markers :DD

vouchers vouchers .