wen to pick cousins up first, dhen headed towards eastcoast's bowling .
waited for our two lanes, finally gt only one .
each lane can only tke up to six ppl luhs , so daddee dint plae .
plae plae plae, one round . gt another lane liao .
dhen daddee join in . heh heh ;D
dhey plae another round . i dint plae liao . xDD
so only took i plae de score . LOLS x\
wen swee chun to eat timsum again ! whooyeah ! ;DD
dhens wen hme, on all 3 coms .
all cousin plae dms -..- slept at 5plus .
i wke at 10plus, cousins all awake and plaeing com liao sehs -..-
siao ehs . dhey wke at 8 sehs ..
dhen daddee wke up, wen to eat at sims ave and came hme .

hot choco ! damn delicious ;D

ziyang (cousin) and korkor

papa's pose

korkor's pose

1st round total . mine's th first ! -..- th rest forget whu's liao . except th last is korkor's

papa's solo

swee chun menu ! xD

cousins and korkor . all plaeing coms . -..-