dint go iceskating todae . sorriew ah huiting xD
rotted at hme . lols, dhen wen ahgong jia at bout 5+
wen dhere help prepare dinner . lols . so smelly now =x
ahha(: 二姑 make th biscuit wif chicken, th chen han wei show one .
ate dinner, watch ' the bourne identity ' on channel 5 .
bout 9 wen down to kick soccer . dunfeel like plaeing .
got 4 monkeys at th court lohs . all smallsmall but so pro luhs .
ahha(: or shld i sae im lousy ? hehheh xD
stae dhere wait for dhem to leave but dhey just cont plaeing .
bo bian , sat dwn at a stone table chat wif jiejie awhile(:
dhen papa took out poker frm lorry . plaed daidi .
lols . dhen th court's light wen off liaos , th 4 monkeys all gone liaos .
so wen back soccercourt watch cousins, kor, papa plae, cont chatting wif jiejie(:
talk talk talk , suddenly papa de spects tio hit dhen shatter to many bits .
-..- wen back ahgong jia lohs . lucky papa got spare glasses on his lorry.
if nt dunno how go home liaos, ahha(: ate strawberry ! xtrah big ones !(:
so sweeeeet and juicy lohs ! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
ahha . ate two =x nicenice . watch tv awhile .
dhen 11 wen hme liaos . send 二姑 and cousins hme first .
home-d at 11.40(:

strawberry !(: