singspiration dhis morning , singing ! whoo i so guai xD
pe, ran 6 rounds ? tink i shortcut one round ah ~
i wan run again ! -.-x
eng, some people did speech again . cnnt rmb whu liaos -.-
recess, ate nth ! diet-ing(:
mu, mrsim showed a bhangra vid .
and got one " Britains Got Talent ", one indian danced michael jasckon .
dhen got another dancer came up danced th bhangra dance xD
cme, siansian . dk sae whad situation again -.-
maths, forget whad tcher tch liao .
only rmb mrwong go use bigbig scotchtape mask around jerermy's mouth .
even mask his toufa ~ but he awhile just take out liaos -.-
hcl, talk bout dk whad jin se hua .
siansian, tml dhen can get back test ! =x
pc, lilaoshi talk about ' leng bao li ' . lols ~ so lame -.-x
wen mrl put bag dhen wen eat lunch .
lols ~ camped at mrl waited for 2.30 to use comp .
awhile later maths olympiad ppl all come liao ~
dhey do 2 hours . i whole 2 hours spend on one time plan siah .
zz, im gna add salt and pepper for 3 whole mins -.-
slackslack ard ~ huiting is biantai lohs !
zz . molest me todae alot times ah ~~ esp wen i sign out ._.
huiting left aft while . dhen wait for pam and wen out of mrl .
stand at mrl outside dk do whad ? saw kor =p
walk across hall . saw janice, chat awhile .
dhen janice as we wait for her . so wait lohs ..
aftdhat xiner sae need go buy dinner dhen janice go home first .
zz, wen canteen cuhs xiner sae she wanted to buy dinner .
at last nvr buy dhen pam buy aloevera , saw kor again ~ lols .
walk pass busstop, saw kor again -.- dhen wen bbt shop .
pam wen home first . left me jas xiner .
xiner ate dinner at th kopitiam near bbt shop .
dhen dhey two wen buy bbt .
hehheh(: koup dheir drink and drink xiner's soup !(:
ahha ! i like scavenger liddhat !~ haaha xD
walk to mrt wif xiner and jas . rched kallang and homed(:

MY AHJIE !(: style hor ?

dheir bbts and xiner dinner ! xD