did mass pe in th morning . damn tiring lahs !
dhen had he . 9am had to go for th good news wk .
dhen ms toh still gt two mre period dun wan let us do practical .
theory theory . ask us after gd news wk come back do practical for one period .
siao de lehs . two period sae nt enough time, recess time alot meh ?
after gd news wk, rush back to do th tuna sandwich .
buddhen ms toh sae gt another class coming dhen dunwan let us ownself cook .
wtf leh her . dhen whole class do tgt .
some spread margarine, some spread tuna .
dhen jaslin and yiwen peel off th cucumber skin .
me and christina just dwn dhere watch :DD
dhen wen cutcut, christina and jaslin cut . i just tke awae th sliced de .
dhen jeremy come kajiao, snatch christina de knife cut .
xtrah luh him . zz, nearly cut my hand ah !
dhen put cucumber at th bread on top of margarine and tuna .
put 2/4 sq of cheese on every bread . wholemeal one ;DD
dhen put in oven ! ^-^ bell ring lohs , ms toh just gib every student two bread .
bcum tuna sandwich . LOLS . dhen wen back to class .
hist wen it lab copy th wrbk answers .
em, eng . wen bridge dhere eat my tuna sandwich :DDDD
so damn delicious ah ! th melted cheese ! aaahaha ~
wen kopitiam buy milobing . dhen wen pam's hse eat kiwi !
sour sour swt swt . haaaha . wen her rm, lie on th floor .
wan slp de lohs . buddhen gt one lao ah ma dwn dhere
so damn loud and off tune luhs ! aiyoohyoh .
5, wen living rm to watch tom and jerry ! :DD
5.15 wen hme lohs . jaslin gtg -..-
plae dms wif ww and kor . LOL ! plae till 3am . heh heh ;DD