2nd day for lunar 7th month -.-
zz . todae morning 7.15am kana prank call 4 times by kor ~ -.-
atfirst i dint hear any calls one xD
dhen jiejie woke me up ask me listen , zoe call ~
so tired -.- dhen answer , she ask me lend her clip .
dhen i nvr lend =x cuhs i lazy go out of th bed and go dwnstairs .
aftdhat wen living room ans kor's prank call, jiejie and mummy still slping -.-
wanted to lend zoe clip liao cuhs ardy got out of bed liao .
but she ardy at mrt liaos . paisehs ah mei =x
wen back to sleep . 9+ recieve huiting's msg .
reply liao dhen wen back to sleep untill 11+ wake up .
hehheh . shiok ah ~ but missed pokemon ! xp nvm ahs ~
later mayb going shopping wif jiejie at bugis(:

just came back from bugis village .
ohmygawd . waist sour back pain ah ~~
4.05 met jiejie at bugis mrt . only late 5 mins ~ (:
wen buy bbt, wen handicapped de toilet, so fun loh th door ! xD
lock and open so cute one ~ slowly walk to bugis village shopshop .
jiejie bought one whitetop . so funny lohs ~
two sides sell same pattern kind of top . but buttons diff .
both sides were like doing dheir best to promote th shirt .
dhen cont shopshop . bought and share wif jiejie a earring ~
i wear like abit weirdweird one ? zz -.-
6+ wen back bugis junction kfc see, no space . wen bugisvillage bside de kfc .
waited for table dhen bought variety value meal .
one set each, jiejie changed her whipped potato to cheesefries !(:
slowly eat to 7+ . so full lohs -.- i eat th shroomsburger ardy full liao .
dhen still got chicken, whipped potato, cheesefries and 2 shrimps nugget .
eat finish, wen bras basar de poupular .
cuhs jiejie help friend buy pen . lols ~ so sian .
wen she q-ing i plaeing wif baby games, learnt how to spell five . f-i-v-e ! xD
i know im lame -.-x zz . wen out of popular, wanted to buy top .
so wen back to bugisvillage shop for th same top .
bought one white wif a nicer button , lol ~
jiejie oso bought another black one at th other side .
8+, wen busstop wait for bus . saw clarinet senior, shuting .
tink after thanksgiving dhen came bugis de bah ? saw her in uni ~
bus 197 came, me and jiejie just got cuhs not-so-many-people got on ,
dint cared if it will rch home . lols -.- stand thruout th trip .
rch busstop liao jiejie still gonggong watching th tvmobile .
she thot we still haven rch . heng i call her ah ~
if not have to walk so damn long wae home liaos .
sians, came home . tired till emo ? idk -.-

handicapped toilet . zz

our dinner ~

cheesefries !

aft eating ~

my earring -.-