tuesday. so sian todae ~
at class kept slping one =x hoho !
sci, wen chem lab slack ~ do xperiments . so lame one -.-x
dhen hcl, so damn sian uh !~ tcher go thru so many tings ..
and finally got back th test paper .
thot i would fail =x lols .. got 73/100
recess, eat chickenrice and drank milobing again(:
maths, draw nets ? zz .
geo, sleepsleep -.- so damn tired ~~
duneven know whad dhat mswong talking luh ..
el, go thru th compre mcqs . so many wrong one !
dhen got back our closepassage . i only got 18/30 -.-
pathetic uhs ~ copycopy corrections .
hcl again, did dk whad group disscusoon .
just copied everyting . lol ;x
2.30pm chiong to canteen drink milo ~ lols .
cuhs thot no time eat lunch .
but still like got so much time liddhat . zz ~
2.40 wen back class , start eng nsw at bout 2.57 ?
siansian slowly do ~ eyes like keep wan close liao lohs ..
finally do finish, wen outside class railing dhere,
wait for pamela call finish . dhen wen mrl .
use for like only 15 mins th librarian ask us close liao . zz .
wen around slacking , wen toilet, huiting ww anna came .
borrowed rackets from anna and ww, dhen dhey wen home .
hmm, plaed awhile wif huiting xiner pamela ? -.-x
wen canteen slackslack . lols , dhen wen back take bag ,
mac-ed . ate mcflurry . so sian .
zz ~ kept tio pai by xiner and huiting .
so tired asking dhem to del lahs . -.- zz !
came home aft . so sian todae ~

ohyeah . haven buy band shoes and shirt oso .
sians ~ dk where buy shirt .
oso dk if got time buy anots ?
tml got band, thurs got he pract , sians !
th reflection i wanted to shoot but kana shoot by simhuiting -.-

xiner's dinner !