SIMHUITING ! i hereby declare camwar wif you !!
on photos . AHAHAHHAHAHA ! see who can take more picts loh~ =p
and omg, im not going to go right infront of th window anymore liaos !

hehheh . ndp rehearsal todae ~
ww was late for band cuhs of dtt of th whole class . lols ~
prac awhile at bandroom dhen bought stands to quard .
scorched so long under th sun , haven settle down .
siansian ~ finally settle down liaos, th sun still so big -.-
ww finally came at 4+ ? shared stand .
th stand i took for her was missing liao ~ zz .
hm, kept having breaks ? siansiansian .
ndp rehears oso got a grp of people at hall plaeing so loud lohs .
rehears over, msjohnson wan see secones .
sae bout th band shirt and shoes . lols dhat cf -.-
despo for fwens one ah , cnnt find fwens go shop ?
zz, wen back bandroom . put back instrument .
anyhow take from elissa one blazer and start plaeing liao .
lol ~ kept hiding my face frm th camera .
-.- use blazer cover my face . xD
dhen came home ~ so sian one .
came home wore th blazer properly dhen find out dhat th blazer
is like so damn big -.- i look faaaaaaaaaaaaat !~
zz . dhen th skirt so long one .
lol lol, tml got he pract . dhen aftdhat going buy band shirt and shoes .
sian ~ dun feel like going x.x

my mummy ~ (:

HOHO ! so ugly ~