assembly at class , nvr late(: hoho .
art sucks ~ jeremy keep throwing plasticine inside my shirt .
zz, -.- threw back oso ~
chapel, pastor came dhen keep dozing off ;x
dhen recess ~ just drank milobing(:
maths, test again ~ bonus question wrong liao ~ ._.
cme, chiong hcl compo ! hehheh xD
sci, got back test paper ! 23/30 ? lol ~ sucksucks ~
jeremy every sci lessons nw sit infront of me and pam liao !
sian luh ~ -.- everytime disiao us one .
damn bt luhs ~~~! -.-x
hcl, siansian ._.
wen down to f1-3 attend he lesson , guai hor ? nvr pon xD
but damn sian luhs ! busy asking huiting alot ques ;x
bout 2.30 mstoh let us off liao ~(:
hehheh, dhen wen wif huiting to tamp .
bought chococone, camp outside zinc shop eat finsih .
huiting dunbelieve me dhen she wen in wif icecream .
dhen cnnt ~ haaha xD eat finish icecream ,
still staed outside ! th person was like asking us to go in loh ~
dhen i keep sae wait for 2 ppl go in dhen we go xD
finally got 2ppl, we wen in . LOL ._.
huiting took so long to buy luh ! aiyoyoh ~
choose so long one xD heheheheheh .
dhen wen minitoons ? -.- not allowed to go in !
zz ~ walkwalked around outside .
she bought finish liao dhen meet , she dun let me see ~~ T-T
nvm ! i wait till next wed ! RAWRH !!
wen mac for huiting's lunch .
she like keep turning back to see if i got open th bag anot luh xD
but i guai one(: i never ! hehehehehe ;x
waited for her finish her lunch, wif alot sauces !
dhen came home ~(: