hoho, late for sch todae ! xD
wen down at 7.06am liddhat as usual .
dhen wait for zoemei to come down till like 7.16am ?
chiong till mrt, but confirm late liao .
zz ~ rched mrt, train 5more mins to come .
back gate close liao so slowly walk in to main gate .
take attendance , 1hr detention aft sch .
stand dhere so long ~ -.- walk to behind of quad .
walk pass lilaoshi and she was like ' oh, you are here .. '
-.- checkbag, wen back class .
boring lessons ! but nvr sleep ~
aft lessons, 2.25 wen serve detention . supersian ._.
dk do whad dhere, zz .
rched at 2.35 ? but still write sign in as 2.25 xD
cheat 10mins ! HOHOHOHO xD
msharyati oso dk ~ let us off at 3.25 !
hoho, bought milobing drank ~ return grandmama her mag .
dhen wen mrt wif zoemei , she alighted at kallang .
i wen to toapayoh ~ cuhs of th stupid CDM !
jam my money -.- dhen shopshopshop wif mama and jiejie .
still haven buy any tcher's dae gift ~ -.-
came home at 7+ ~ supertired of walking ard .
lol ;x nt used to longperiod shopping -.-
8.30 just rmb pec form still haven hand in !
no more my face -.- pull mama and papa chiong to th nearest fhotoshop .
but heng at market one still open , if nt going kallangbahru .
lol ~ ugly like shit _l_

dinner at dk whre for temple uploaded ~ -.-

rched super early ~

my chio mama ! xD

papa and korkor look at waiter ;x

my family !(:

my jiejie xD


kou rou pau ! xD - a tale to tell