sch sucks .
art keep tio attacked by jeremy , cnnt do animation in peace ._.
chapel sucks also . ex-vp sing all weirdweird songs one ~
recess, ok-ok .
maths, did test paper _l_ supersian !
hoho . cme, talked bout chalet ~ but very few ppl go niah !
2 of dhem fighting, plae wif scissors . damn scary ~
everyone in class stunt downdhere at dhat time loh ;x
dhen sci, hcl ~~
band, wen to blow miniballoons first .
attacked by huiting and ww ~ till button came off and neck dhere got scar .
like someone scratch one, but dk who -.-
dhen did warmups all th wae !
first time ! but behind one all cannot plae liao , hahaha ?
merrywidow for syf, staed in band room .
_l_ wen to 1stclarinet cuhs of high notes (?)
wen i cnnt even read high notes ?!
moved to first row, just watch and sit downdhere only .
dint even plae any single note luh . zz ~
supersian, noone to talk to):
grandmama so far apart one !! wan talk oso so hard ..
fall out, came home ._.
and lol, i still seriously cnnt blow a balloon ! -.-