hoho . just pompom finish ! wake at 9.15 todae ~(:
watch tv, ate meerubus mama cooked and off to alj mrt !
i only 7mins late ~ rched and saw jolin and shannen outside alj mrt .
zhenhong damien weiye likjung outside mrt .
waited for pam to came from tt . sheesh, wear so sexy ~ xD
hehheh . dhen wen to bugis , boys wen lan .
some bought takopachis to eat and walkwalk to look for ahluan's gift .
stopped at actioncity and bought a massager .
shared wif pamela shuting jolin and shannen . lols ;x
hmm, dhen shannen suggested taking neoprints .
like omg how long nvr take liao siahs . haaha ~
daynalaopo sae meeting us at 3, so waited for her .
meanwhile wen lan to see th boys, arcade plaeplaeplae .
wen neoprint shop . dhen saw nat, crystal, vanessa !
haha ~ crowd ard neoprint shop dhen dayna came .
but all weirdweird one, dunlike to take tgt one siah -.-
only took once wif pam dayna shannen .
machine sucks lah ! ._. notnice one ~
so dint took picture of th neos .
rest of th girls wen to take dheir own . sae wan take as a grp ..?
but dk some choose ppl take one, zz . hackare dhem ~
wen foodjunction eat lunch wif pam and dayna .
pam just ate mango pudding ! eat so lil siah .
shared banmian wif laopo, but she like eat so lil lohs ;x
hoho, wen to meet wif th girls . dhen meet wif boys at mrt .
board to tanahmerah ! dhen meet shuting(:
hehheh . rainrain , nvr bring umbrella and nt enough liao .
so i just wear jacket walk in rain ~
but noone knows how to get to ahluan house lah .
sofunny xD we agaragar walk here and dhere .
everyone follow . walkwalk till lost ~ hahaha .
crystal call ahluan . but we just cont walking, dhen finally found plaegrd !
saw alot banana trees on th wae . shu sae so many scary tings -.-
hohoho . finally rch ahluan house and saw phyllis !
so sexy ~ wear dress siah . first time see her in dress ! xD
rched at bout 5+ liao . wash feet and dry hair ~
hehe . watch abit tv, run here run dhere .
so better rch home bfore 6 . me and pam keep looking at th time .
hahaha xD everywhre we go, scream abit .
cuhs shuting and dayna keep on saeing alot scary tings again ~ -.-
wen plaegrd, got swing ! but nvr plae .
shu keep saeing if got 'someting', th swing will like swingswing abit .
cuhs smallsmall 'someting' cnnt swing too big . lol ~ ;x
so nvr plae swing at all ~~ wen back to ahluan hse , eat meefen + curry !
asked ahluan permission to go second floor to borrow a room .
to sae 'someting' stories ! choose her studyroom ~
got curtain, sofa and is darkdark room .
but got mirror siah . on th mirror gt redred tings one ;x
OSO GOT CUSHION LEH ! nw saw red cushion oso anyhow throw liao xD
shannen keep using a garfield head to put infront of our faces .
superscary de garfield !! -.- keep make us scream and scream .
hahaha . th sofa noone wan sit at th end, all squeeze at centre .
xD scream alot . cnnt start story cuhs all dunwan sit at side .
dhen dayna cnnt take it anymore left th room ~
so left shu shannen pam me crystal and vanessa .
but dragdrag, vanessa oso left . dayna keep come in scare us siah .
zz . we close door, she suddenly open door ask us whad time -.-
joined back us, she sit at th side . shannen oso sit bside her .
but dhey two oso left -.- zz . shuting just cont th story liao .
sae abit, suddenly got like those creepy music sound .
from door -.-.-.- hahaha ~ dayna purposely plae one xD
sofunny ~ suddenly got music . dhen no more mood liao ~
cuhs ahluan and dayna keep coming in , dhen alot ppl complain !
sae we scream from second floor, plaegrd oso can hear .
-.- rawrh . so wen down, wen plaegrd .
but rch plaegrd liao no more mood ~
very scary lohs .. got a slope on top got houses one .
shuting run up past alot trees leh ;x we all wait at th slope bottom .
dhen got one house under construction , superscary ~~ ;x
dundare go up slope see inside -.-
wen shu wen up, me and pam superscared will suddenly disappear lah ;x
bobian, too imaginative liao . every possibility we oso believe .
dhen slack at her house till 7+ and left !
on th wae back to mrt saw alot houses burning incense paper !
._. quickly left wif boys to mrt .
everyone left at alj except me and shuting !
shuting song me home ! mwuahahaha ;D cuhs 8+ liao !
;x but i saw still got alot ppl , asked shuting to take train go back .
but she dunwan ~ still song me to my lift .
haaha(: sonice hor ? hehe ! thanksalot shuting ! =D
loveyouloveyou ! hahahahahahaha xD

took very lil fhotos todae ~ nt very fun -.-

my meerubus !

laopo ! xD

banmian ~ x.x

meefen + currychicken

uh , super loads shoes and drinks ? xD

shuting dayna pam , if can recognise xD

ohyah ! ytd staed up to plae walle trash tower !
dhen got a super cute video of walle plaeing hula hoop ~ xD
but use fhone take leh -.- so super _l_ but still cute anyway !
HOHOHO . lol so much ytd wen saw dhis video xD