gah . 3+am liao !
hoho, just returned from bowling and sweechun ~(:
papa so random one . at 10+ suddenly sae ' LETS GO BOWLING '
-.- so wen lohs . i brought my small pillow and baby blanket along ! xD
rch dhere, found a table . started slping awae for 1hour liao ~
haaha . supertired xD ate fries oso . aft one hour finally got lane .
papa korkor jiejie plaed . very kns loh ~
wan sleep oso cnnt slp . bside gt a very noisy grp of ppl siah .
keep scolding bitch one . zz ~ left marinebowl .
sweechun next ! xD but on thwae i keep slping in lorry .
i sitting on jiejie's lap dhen she keep hugging me to prevent me from swaying ,
and hit th window . hoho xD
finally rch dhen i still gonggong sit dhere . so sleepy ~~ ;x
papa dk why suddenly hold my hand ? -.-
walk so fast dhen i have to walk fastfast oso . zz ~
eateat and came home !(: hehheh , so full now liao .
and im gna be guai and sleep 8 hours later ~ hoho .
now 4.38am liao ~ i post so long siah ;x
cuhs ytd post haven complete, just nw chiong xD

friesfries ~

jiejie slping xD

my small pillow and baby blanket ! xD

mama slping ~

bag bag pillow ~

distorted faces -.-

lol ! change design leh xD

supper ~

eat finish liao(;

sleep 10 hours siah ! hohoho !(:
5am sleep, 3.43pm dhen wake up xD
noone wake me up oso, auto wake at 3+pm loh ~ ._.
superbored now ~ nth to do one !~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~~~!~!~!~