2.4 run todae !
suckiest run of all ._.
sueysuey .. my timer is junhao! lols ;x
sprint first round wif pam .
dhen dk whre she wen liaos ?
ran alone, so kept stopping :/
wen ever run pass huiting she keep shouting tayali one !
lols, never look back at her ! xD hehheh .
last round, sprint at last part ~~
rching endpoint no more energy to surpass chanel liao ~
feel like closing eyes and faint liao :/
hm, came in 5th place ? 14/15mins 51 sec ! cnnt rmb liao ~
jaslin was 3rd ! pro right ?! haaha ~
pam 6th i tink ? but dint know she behind me .
lol lol ;x kept lying down on th floor rest luhs ~
lie down and whadnots . so tired ~ -.-
wen i standup suddenly headache and nausea , wan die liao ~
dhen xiner help me to th toilet ! haaha(:
rch toilet, sat down inside th cubicle next to th toilet bowl x.x
dk why but cnnt vomit out one ~
restrest at cubicle, dhen wen out to hall .
zz, cross th road, cnnt tahan dhen sat down again ._.
xiner keep saeing i like going to die liao ! lol x.x
restrest dhen got up to hall finally ..
rch hall rest abit, dhen okhay liao . MWUAHAHA(:
started plaeing and stretching ~
dhen huiting came, slack awhile, wen sit at class .
plaed games! five-ten, concentration, heart attack, 1-2-3 ?
funfun, shuting came dhen pulled her in to plae xD
haaha ~ plae till recess time, changed to uni, bought red pe .
aftdhat lessons as usual ~
siansian again ._.
pc lesson, got into committee .
ms low gave us some suggestions ?
lol ;x yuyue was th leader of noticeboard x.x
kept 'lesbo-ing' wif pam . HAHAHA .
angela's reaction like so cute lahs !
we just touch her face, make some noises .
dhen she shocked shocked one ! xD
jeremy and wilson keep saeing we lesb ~ -.-
we lesb dhey gay ? lol ;x
jeremy go hug wilson ! puipui ~ disg ~~
staed aft sch to talk to mslow ? -.-
dhen she just sae need collect bdaes lohs . lmaos ~
pam wen home, waited for xiner and jaslin to eat finish lunch .
came home by mrt wif xiner !(:
so bored ~