lessons sucks , jeremy tan kok hao oso !
sci lesson keep disiao me and pam , zz -.-x
sold small cookies for $1 each during recess ~
damn sian luhs, sell till nvr eat anyting ._.
hcl till 2.25, wen eat lunch .
xiner took my fhoto dhen chased her round and round ;x
but forget take wallet dhen huting kop awae ~
finally deleted dhen wen back, huiting dunwan return ~~
dhen she throw to jeremy , ask him give kor -.-x
-.- slowly walk to take back wallet . THANKS KOR ! xD
wen back eat my spag dhen huiting call jeremy take my bag .
wen to take xiner's nike waterbottle ~
dint ask her ;x xiner dunmind ? ;x sorrysorry ~
zz, i rched dhere jeremy throw bag at kor !
-.-! put back bag at bench , kor chasing jeremy ~
lols , dhen jeremy fell down , i go spray water(:
hehheh ! but only spray lilbit niahs x.x
wen back finish my spag , slackslack ~
dhen huiting, ww, pam, xiner, jas && me wen caltex .
dhey bought sweets ? dhen wen mrt .
jaslin at lavender wan go down liao, but we all keep pull her .
;x lol ~ she wen off at bugis , take train go back .
wen cityhall, wen round looking for op .
but cnnt find ~ -.- so wen marine sq .
slackslack ~ shop awhile dhen go mac do homework !
lol, chiong graph and sci workbook dhere(:
now left wif chi compo ~
dhen wen shop at thwalletshop so long ~
huiting and ww staed at walletshop ,
we wen minitoons looklook around .
dhen huiting and ww came, both bought pencilcase -.-
FOR EACH OTHER ! lol luh ~
dhen wen foodcourt ? xiner and huiting bought dinner ~
wen crazy ;x HAHAHA . those around should know xD
squased and chased her like siao ~ heheheheh !
dhen came home ~ lol , need go chiong chi compo liaos ! tata(:
shant post ww's and xiner's face (: hoho !


xiner !(: