takopatchi !(:

kinder choco ._.

at mrt to alj ~ -.-

gate finally open ! ;D

MISS VOO ! xD and her class in chaos ~

suppose to be handprint wall one ! ._.

MISS HASLINDAH ! and huiting's smile xD

alson and edgar ~
my chicken ! so nice ~(:
dayna, shuting, anni, pam, edgar, scotts !
alson (left) scotts, pam, anni ! xD
shuting, edgar and alson
benches ! -.-
all siam-ing from camera !
and.. tadah ! all siam liao ~ -.-

all nvr pose one ._.
ask shuting to take ~
anni take one ! haha, she wanted to take me but miss ! hohoho ! xD
shuting ran awae ~ -.-
shuting amelia anni pam me dayna !(:
shuting and dayna xD
walkingwalking ~
lunch ~
hoho ~ my lala mian !
new telefhone booth ! -.-

fitness corner ! hoho . so miss dhat place xD
caught pam's sexy leg oso ! hahaha xD
big star ? dk for whad ._.

hoho, todae is teacher's dae !
celebration very diff from pri sch . pri sch more fun !~!~
todae oso mslim last dae in sch ! lol ._.
nvr register for any game so wen walking to class .
slackslack, prefect came liao ~ wen hall to watch f1-1 ppl dodgeball .
haha ~ omost all is f1-1 ppl luh xD
dhen watchwatch, kor came to plae oso ~ sad for him ;x
haha, slack ard till need to gather liao and my pig tio hug by so many girls ~~
singsong, forget whad happen liao . -.-
walked to ananascafe wait for xiner and amanda to eat breakfast .
wen to topup card first, oso saw kor ~ -.-
xiner finally eat finish , board to bugis . jaslin left at lavender ~
bought takopatchi ! supernice ! hehe, just make one , superhot(:
WE FIRST CUSTOMER LEH ! hahahaha , bought bacon&cheese .
imsogreedy ~ everyting oso add ! even more fishflakes ! xD
xiner and amanda bought presents from dk whad shop .
waited for dhem, walked ard . saw a cup and thought of giving it to msvoo .
but lol, my eyes pajiao . saw th price wrongly ;x in th end nvr buy ~
wen to coldstorage wif pam while xiner&amanda wen to hongwen liao .
bought a kinder ??! pam’s recommendation ~
so buy to try ~ so super creamy !! got 4bars inside .
i only eat one section of th bar i wan puke liao, too creamy for me ~ -.-
only manage to eat finish 2bars, another 2 dk give to who eat liao .
helped shuting buy 2 cadbury choco for teachers .
wen back to prisch, waited for shuting to come ..
saw edgar and scotts oso ~ edgar so tall liao ! scotts no change ? ;x
shuting finally came in 10mins ? hahaha, superfunny .
she chiong here, omost fell down ;x wrapped th chocos .
haha, dhen edgar and scotts came to meet us .
wen around th sch finding teachers and looking for 6love classroom !
classroom change floor liao !! rawrh . how can ~ ._.
wen to disiao her class untill so supernoisy and she pekchek liao xD
hahaha ~ gave her my choco oso ! hope haven melt lah ..
see she super angry liao dhen leave her !
inorder to ask us leave, force her to loveus so much ~
hahaha xD wen sit at benches at i-forget-call-what-place liao .
-.- my pig so poor ting ~ tio hug by so many ppl !!
anni came !(: she so chio liao ~ haha ;D
wen to hall to see performances, th mc all p5/p6 . but dunlook like one ! ;x
saw mdm tan and msvoo, but saw msvoo liao hackare mdm tan xD
scream here scream dhere at msvoo ~
but she hackare us one ! so evil !
and lol, ee shuting keeps snatching my dearpig to hug !
dhen i put inside my shirt ~~ HAHAHAHA ;D
edgar, scotts, junhao saw liao all diao me -.-
;p dhen wen to canteen ! hoho, only bought chicken meat to eat .
mrs shirley lim go dk whad course .
rawrh . so long nvr see her liao !! nvr get clever swts !
stuff her clever chocos into her locker ;x
ardy melting liao . alamak ~ wen she take out sure melt like kns one .
wen back to canteen, bought lala mian eat !
dunhave lormee liaos ! miss th lormee so much ~
._. slack at table ~ saw zhenhong ! ask all to take pic dunwan .
i abitabit take loh ;3 dhen boys left ~ dhey sae go hall ? dk ~
wen to plae pepsicola at th benches dhere wif anni shuting pamela .
amelia and dayna both like dunwan to plae . lol ;x
wen to hall to seesee , nth to see oso -.-
so wen to basketball court, wanted to plae games .
me and shuting wen hall , smuggle basketball xD
saw mrng ! hahaha ~ he sae cnnt take , but i asked him close one eye .
i wen to cover mrng's eyes dhen shuting wen to take ~
hahaha xD mrng so good ! we take liao he oso nvr scold, just smilesmile .
hoho, dhen wen plae volleyball wif th noair basketball -.-
dk how to plae oso . so anyhow hit ! xD dhen shuting found supersoftball .
anyhow plae oso ~ haha . dhen saw kor again ~
but he climb in one ! zz -.- bad example !! xD
junhao came, he join in lohs . use th volleyball to plae ~
so superhard -.- alot smallsmall kids during recess anyhow run one lah .
zz , so hard to plae . behind me got smallkids plae bmt .
hahaha xD i go kajiao dhem ~ but nt fun one lah -.-
plaeplaeplae, plae till 3+ wen to bbt shop .
bought drink and came home . hand and leg so pain liao ~ run like crazy -.-
tml go ahluan house ! dhis time i rmb liao !
hohoho, but so late siah . 5-7 ~
mayb going to watch movies first dhen go her house bah .
hehe . and lol, i haven buy her anyting yet oso -.-