hoho, just bathed and home from tiongbahru ~
wake at 8+ todae ~ watch tv and com-ed .
watch ' onemissedcall ', okok only, not very scary o.O
watch finish wen to korkor's com to watch harrypotter !
hahaah ~ inthmiddle of chatting, papa sae 30more mins go down .
lol, go visit ahma at ju en laorenyuan !
chionged bath and sat lorry wen to punggol dhere .
saw ahma, she like cnnt even open her eyes ! + so skinny ~~
and her head still tilt tilt one ! mama kip pushing her head .
like so pain lah ~ ltr th bone crackcrackcrack o.O
lol, mama feed ahma mooncake ! taidi-ed wif papa korkor jiejie kill time .
hm, dhen wen angmokia dhere settle dinner .
got ge tai dhere !!! WTF ~ SUPER NOISE POLLUTION !
lol, wen market eat, less noise pollutions !
eat finish wen tiongbahru for badminton .
plaed one round and roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot .
untill ard 10, papa force me skip 300 times !
lol, jumpjump ~ like crazy xD leg pain ! everyone take turn skip .
xcept mummy ! lol ~ -.- she dunwan skip .
ard 11pm stop liao, pack and came home .
onthwae home tried to take th moon but th lorry kip shaking ~~
and tml must study liao !! if not will tio suspension ? -.-

mama and ahma

papa and korkor O.O
at badminton court

finally got mooooooooon !
ferris wheel !