had geo test and hcl test todae ! both anyhow do, hope pass ~~
YEAHS ! FINALLY PULL WW'S HAIR ! bfore going recess xD
hoho !(: aft lessons, wait at class outside for jaslin .
saw kor plaeing bmt downstairs, pam shout out his name so loud o.O
lol, wen slack at canteen ! drink milo again~(: walk ard canteen ~
saw my dear grandmama ! xD
dhen walked wif her to do someting evil ! MWUHAHAHA xD
LAUGH ALOT xD but nvr managed to take nice pic !
rawrh, he dunwan face us one ~ -.-
walk ard th court, dhen walk here and dhere ._.
wen scnd floor, bridge dhere ! xD wanted to take from upstairs oso .
but cnnt see , lol ._. wen back canteen, slackslack !
dhen grandmama go liao !
wen mrl lend jaslin my id -.- dhen wen down wif pam take her eclipse .
i take reader digest ??! no book ! -.-
wen back mrl, daedream down dhere, supersian !!
waiting for shuting to finish her guides so can plae someting .
sat at canteen read readerdigest ! xD flip to anypage and ee .
shuting done wif her duty, wen plae basketball wif pam shuting yanting !
team wif shuting , haha . xD PAMELA SOON KEEP MAKE ME LAUGH !!
-.- like everytime stand near her will laugh one .
saw kor playing bmt oso !~ hahaha xD
cont plae awhile, pam gtg ! dhen saw jaslin .
atually wan go home wif her , but wan wait for xiner .
jaslin do hw at canteen, i just sit down dhere daedream -.-
but too hungry, so came home first ._.
lend jaslin my examination pad oso !
DHEN I FORGET TAKE BACK ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -.-