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hahaha, super cute siah ! both k1 only and like couple liao .
omg ! xD SO CUTE ~~


MEI NI ! so chio & cute !!!! omg ! xD

so cute rights ? lol ! xD

th dk whad k2 so xtra ;O so cute !!!!!!! amos protecting meini from simhuiting ! xD
haha, amos ! meini <3 amos & meini kiss ! xp
th k2 so xtra ;o

wan take meini but th k2 keep popping up ! ._.

supercute rights ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! xD hehe ! morning wen dental and aft dental met huiting & pam at cityhall mrt . lol ._. aftawhile wen for band ! so lil ppl go, lol ._. had sectionals, aft sectionals wen back bandroom . clarinet audition, zhijie & yuyue got sr's clarinet, grats (: shuffled to 3rdclarinet with jason/christina/ww . played merrywidow in bandroom while brasses wen needleworkroom . band over, wen market wait for huiting to finish her lunch . while i bought milo drink xp wen shopnsave for pam's choco . & wen playgrd ! AND SAW AMOS AND MEINI !!! <…



ytd slpt at 3, woke at 1 today . dint go jogging ;o
ate lunch, on msn till 2+, huiting asked me to go out slack .
met huiting at alj mrt and waited for her customer to come .
finally saw th customer, she took out a ziploc bag .
with soooooooooo many coins in it ! lol ._.
board bus and finally found blk 29 ! & took lift .
at first thot was unit19, but is like ahpunehneh unit :x lol !
stayed outside kor's house very long althou door open liao .
ran away whenever we heard th door open sound xD
haha ~ huiting finally wen in to count th money .
aft awhile i ran in and sat on th floor, kor playing psp on sofa ~
started playing with th toys near th dining table .
& played 3match of stress with huiting bfore discussing chalet ting .
lol, dhen wen kitchen started looking for tings we can bring to chalet xD
haha ~ drank abit of HL strawberry ! YAYS ! ;D
but i still love dutchlady banana more ._.
found alot tings in th kitchen, dhen slackslack, wen tour ard .
hehe, wen in Helen's room …


band today, wen at 11 to meet with ww, pam & huiting .
wen market to eat lunch, wasnt hungry so only bought milobing .
saw quite many babies & small kids ! xD so cute ~ - nt being paedophile - ._.
and wen to pam's hse to pei her get her trp .
but dint wen up, just waited at th lift downstairs .
wen for band, pracprac . aft band, super hungry .
bought setB at th bbt shop with huiting & pam .
wen to th playground slack, suddenly pam's mama came .
she gtg, huiting and me left there talktalk bout chalet till 7 & came home .

quiz by xinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnner ~

FINGERS : yukeling
CHIN : yhukedlking
ELBOW : hyujkerlin gh
NOSE : uykkedlion gh
PALM : hyukeling

Q2. List four randoms you have :

Q3. Have you ever slept in the back of a car?
yeaps .

Q4. Have you recently dyed your hair/cut it?
cut short last sat, i wan dye ;o

Q5. List four people that you look up to the most.
? idk ._.

Q6. How many pets…


asked to pose ._.

LIZARD ! ._.

-.- dk who so ugly


golf with xiner & pam today at parkland ;D met pam at kallang mrt, wen to xiner's hse and flagged for taxi . rch there, we're like th only girls of this age there ._. saw inhyuk, lol . wen to rent club and each of us bought 50golfballs for $3 . 3 of us shared th dk whad, driving range ? lol took turns to play ~ idk how to play, anyhow play xD hehe . from 3+ played til 5+ and shared another 50golfballs . walked thru underpass & to parkway for mac =D so hungry ~ bought mchicken meal, upsized with milo . ate half of mchicken burger so full liao ._. stuff food in my mouth . lol, aft eating took a long time to decide to go home with xiner, or to pei pam shop at parkway till her parents come ._. finally decide to go home, lol . xiner lobang me in taxi . hahaha ~ thanks (: had a small camwar with xiner in th taxi xp


back from bowling & supper (:
slept at 3am ytd from watching jackie chan's show, woken up at 9plus .
to eat bigbreakfast at mac . dint wan to go but papa shook me up ;o
aft breakfast, came home rot and waited for monster, inc to load .
had th disc last time but lost it . BOO IS CUTE ! ;D
papa suddenly wanted to cook dinner, lol .
watched hsm2 on chl5 till 9 & left for bowling at eastcoast .
played 2 games there, hands frozed .
pei jiejie to mac for fries, wen back to see papakorkor play another game .
super cold there ~ ._. aft playing came home .
fetched mama & jiejie wen off, to ton with her fwens tonight ard kallang .
wen sweechoon to eat supper as usual & came home aft eating ;D
so tired now ~ but must digest supper first ._.
golf ltr with pam & xiner . dunfeel like going =x
but it's atleast better than rotting at home bah ? ._.


ho, just returned home from ahgong jia .
5+ pm reached ahgongjia and slackslack, dint help to prepare dinner .
was bored till i slept for one whole hour ._.
woke up, watched papa play ' superdiamond ' till he gameover, lv 49 ~
a very old game, played wen i was p3/4 xD hehe .
ate dinner, slackslack & cut hair !
hair like so lil now liao, tie up like so weird -.- lol
cousin all boys, all playing duelmaster with my korkor ~ ._.
played psp awhile and stared at tv for quite long .
heh, golfing changed to monday ! YEAH YEAH .
cnnt wait to see xiner & pam again ~ omg so miss them liao xD
papa's high score ._. aunt gave this old sg $1 note ;O

result slip

hallelujahs . woke at 0715 to collect result slip .
wen to dk-where market to buy pau for breakfast .
heh, i dropped to faith2-2 with hcl ;o
but i seriously dun feel anyting siah, LOL .
ah well, i dun expect i will be in first class anyway ~ hahaha
knew some ppl who are going to 2-2 next yr oso .

- wilson
- jiemin
- beelin
- alson
- phyllis !
- damien
- weichin
- elson
- minming


band today ~ woke at 8am, bathed and met with ww .
wen bandroom, setup clarinet & found out that someone touched it ! ;O
th reed cover or whad was gone, th mouthpiece placed wrongly .
lol, fall in . aft fall in wen to ask for reed ~
wen ask rahul, rahul say ask kor . ask kor, kor dk say whad ._.
jassie overheard and helped me ask from zhihao, haha thanks (:
dhen zhihao ask kor to open . LOL -.-
pei pam wash mouthpiece and wen back, finally got my reed .
played Bb, Ab, Eb scale with arpeggio & interval . and had a 20mins break . walked to kopitiam & bought milobing . lol, shan't elaborate whad happened xD just know that we're late ~ hahaha . ran back to bandroom . hohoho, rched liao panting like crazy xD funfun . dhen had sectionals with th merrywidow part . lol, dint followed th group 1 although last time mr.samuel ask me to blow 1st clarinet xD hehe . wen with ww to 2nd group and somehow lina bcame 1st xD shared score with ww, jelene taught us how to play from figure8 . jason cam…


hohoho . stole pictures from rahul's blog ! wahahaha (:
his blog so lag ~ -.-

4 majors ! lol xD

clarinet section ! xD


huiting & pam

amelia huiting pam !

girls cleaning ~

boys cleaning ~

taken by mstan ~

taken by mstan again ._.

mstan yukeling huifei jiemin pam xiner clarice

pam & huifei

WHOO ! last day of sch today & im gnna rot at home -.-
lol, woke at 5.25am today ~ rched bustop at 6.15am .
i nvr late woh xp was drizzling, pam dint came to bustop to wait .
she sheltered in sch, haha . then huiting came .
waited for ww to reach , alot of bandmembers walked past us .
6.30am, still waiting for ww to come .
but she still waiting for bus ._. so huiting & i decided to go to th bandroom 1st .
setup clarinet, aftawhile ww came, lol .
bought stands & clarinet to th hall, wen back to bandroom .
washed bottle and refill ~ wen back hall to prepare .
whole ting started & aft playing wen to keep instruments .
sat at hall for singspiration by Mr.Lim ~ ;O
wen fall in & take attendance at cms foyer, wen back to hall .
cuhs woodwinds section was late today, had to bring th tings back .
slack awhile at bandroom…