hoho . finally got to use dhis com aft jiejie changed com xD
today woke up at 9+, on kidscentral to watch pokemon .
dhen like wtf, no pokemon and suddenly rmb today is fri ! ._.
wen to pasir ris park with pam&xiner, took super lot pics !!
dragged till 12.30 dhen board train to pasir ris .
lol, on th train was crazy with xiner to take pic of each other xD
hehe . dhen rched, board 403 to pasir ris park .
rented bike for 2hours and cycle here and there ~
on bike oso took alot of pics ! hahaha ~ xD
played halfway, pamela not feeling well .
wen to shelter to sit and aftawhile she vomitted choclate out !
omg ~ sooooooooo many ants gathered .
cycled to th bike shop with xiner to buy coke .
and wen back, rest awhile and wen to play playground !
played th swinging ting first, th seat was hot dhen i sat first .
dhen omg ~ xiner and pam run & pull me towards th end .
so dizzy and hand pain ! need grab th rope so tightly, if nt fly out ._.
dhen wen climb th spider with xiner and walked down th slide .
aftdhat wen to play th roundround ting ~
helped two p6 boys to turn, but dun look like p6 o.O
and wow . aft turning, one boy de shirt, omg dirty siah -.-
cycled to play swing there ! rawrh, i cnnt go high high ~ ):
& a bhangra boy bside me keep going ' hahaha ' !! -.-
LOL . so cute lah xD but quite small size oso ._.
hehe, wen back cycling and wen back bike shop buy drink .
and cycled for one last round bfore returning bikes .
while going back th two p6 boys saw & follow us o.O lol
wen to toilet to wash leg, pam nt feeling well again .
she wen shelter to rest while me and xiner wen to beach there .
played with th sand, & got 4 'cee oh cee oh ant you tee ' ! xD
lol ~ threw th coconut alot times but still nvr break ._.
camwhore at th shelter while attempting jumpshots xD
haha, of all only one successful one ! lol
dhen wen to bustop take 403 back to interchange .
train-ed to tamp to eat and to buy presents .
dint find any nice one for both ):
xiner bought a lion puppet for her fwen instead, haha .
came home, saw noone at living room .
walked to bathroom saw korkor & jiejie xD
LOL . they both filling watergun's water ._.
korkor suggested going out to play since got water .
haha, wen corridor to play and whole body soaked !
xD so fun ~ bathed, ate dinner, com-ed ! wahahahaha .

today's pictures !(: from 99 del to 50 ~ xD



cycling ~

lan tian bai yun & beach (:


PAMELA's choco vomit . zzzzzzzzzzzzz -.-

on th blackblack ting ! hahaha ~ hand damn pain ._.


resting ~ ._.

PAMELA riding ~

stopping to rest again ~ xD

' cee oh cee oh ant you tee ' ! :DD

XINER kicking coconut -.-


only i look retarted o.O lol

jumpshot ! (:

our backs ~(:

see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil !

peacepeace ~

ahhhhhhh ?! -.-

PAMELA taking $-$ ~

cat XINER ! xD

PAMELA ~~ so cute !

XINER~~ so so cute !

LOL ! censored * xD

tangxiner (: so cute ~



pasir ris park label ! LOL XD

ok, nw is a good time to finally post th pictures !
its omfg cute can ?! esp th last one !! hahaha :DDDDDDDDDD
& going to rot tml, pam&xiner cnnt go out, kor's at my ._.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaixzxzxzxzxz ~ -.-

omfg cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute !!(: xiner oso say its cute ! hahaha

only one scary, but oso cute ! xDDDDDDDDDDDD