band today, wen at 11 to meet with ww, pam & huiting .
wen market to eat lunch, wasnt hungry so only bought milobing .
saw quite many babies & small kids ! xD so cute ~ - nt being paedophile - ._.
and wen to pam's hse to pei her get her trp .
but dint wen up, just waited at th lift downstairs .
wen for band, pracprac . aft band, super hungry .
bought setB at th bbt shop with huiting & pam .
wen to th playground slack, suddenly pam's mama came .
she gtg, huiting and me left there talktalk bout chalet till 7 & came home .

quiz by xinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnner ~

FINGERS : yukeling
CHIN : yhukedlking
ELBOW : hyujkerlin gh
NOSE : uykkedlion gh
PALM : hyukeling

Q2. List four randoms you have :

Q3. Have you ever slept in the back of a car?
yeaps .

Q4. Have you recently dyed your hair/cut it?
cut short last sat, i wan dye ;o

Q5. List four people that you look up to the most.
? idk ._.

Q6. How many pets do you own as of now?
none, hamsters died .

Q7. Which do you prefer white or black?

Q8. Who is your most played character?
dk ?

Q9. Choose one or the other, not both:
i) Being stuck on an island with a friend.
ii) being stuck on an island with 5 acquaintances.

(i), with a friend .

Q10. Name three aspects that tell who you are.
idkidkidk .

Q11. Who was the last person you talked to?
shuting on handphone .

Q12. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
hmm, idk ? ._.

Q13. What's one thing you wish you could do better?
EOY ):

Q14. Write down the first five words that pop into your head
chalet, sick, bed, bbq, holidays .

Q15. If you could have a power what would it be?
fly & go anywhere i want to (:

Q16. Do you like the way you are?
yah i tink ?

Q17. Choose, summer or winter
summer .

Q18. Rain or snow?
rain .

Q19. List two odd things about yourself
laughs to myself for no reason sometimes .
making weird noises wen im bored ;o

Q20. Which are two of your bad habits?
tends to forget where i placed my items aft 5mins .
laziness . ):

Q21. What's 1 of your biggest pet peeve ?
one who stares at me with th -'- face for no reason, and just diaos me when i stare back them for staring me for so long .