ytd slpt at 3, woke at 1 today . dint go jogging ;o
ate lunch, on msn till 2+, huiting asked me to go out slack .
met huiting at alj mrt and waited for her customer to come .
finally saw th customer, she took out a ziploc bag .
with soooooooooo many coins in it ! lol ._.
board bus and finally found blk 29 ! & took lift .
at first thot was unit19, but is like ahpunehneh unit :x lol !
stayed outside kor's house very long althou door open liao .
ran away whenever we heard th door open sound xD
haha ~ huiting finally wen in to count th money .
aft awhile i ran in and sat on th floor, kor playing psp on sofa ~
started playing with th toys near th dining table .
& played 3match of stress with huiting bfore discussing chalet ting .
lol, dhen wen kitchen started looking for tings we can bring to chalet xD
haha ~ drank abit of HL strawberry ! YAYS ! ;D
but i still love dutchlady banana more ._.
found alot tings in th kitchen, dhen slackslack, wen tour ard .
hehe, wen in Helen's room first . once go in like, wow .
so omg ! lol, wen in saw one whole cabin of barbies ! ._.
but th bed was connected to th table ontop, so style lah .
haha, played with th tings and kor came in ask whad we doing .
lol ~ dhen wen in kor's room ! ultraman !! haha ~ ;D
saw alot of books, manga, toys, collectibles, stacks of papers !
hahahahahahahaha ! dhen kor came in see whad we doing again .
xp hehe . aft awhile say byebye to kor and wen off .
saw kor's papa at doorstep wen he came home, lol ._.
greet uncle and wen off ~ took bus 63 to mrt and came home !