huiting & pam

amelia huiting pam !

girls cleaning ~

boys cleaning ~

taken by mstan ~

taken by mstan again ._.

mstan yukeling huifei jiemin pam xiner clarice

pam & huifei

WHOO ! last day of sch today & im gnna rot at home -.-
lol, woke at 5.25am today ~ rched bustop at 6.15am .
i nvr late woh xp was drizzling, pam dint came to bustop to wait .
she sheltered in sch, haha . then huiting came .
waited for ww to reach , alot of bandmembers walked past us .
6.30am, still waiting for ww to come .
but she still waiting for bus ._. so huiting & i decided to go to th bandroom 1st .
setup clarinet, aftawhile ww came, lol .
bought stands & clarinet to th hall, wen back to bandroom .
washed bottle and refill ~ wen back hall to prepare .
whole ting started & aft playing wen to keep instruments .
sat at hall for singspiration by Mr.Lim ~ ;O
wen fall in & take attendance at cms foyer, wen back to hall .
cuhs woodwinds section was late today, had to bring th tings back .
slack awhile at bandroom & took band pic of each sections .
and with th whole band, should have cover face ! -.- lol .
walked to ish with pam to find huiting for my wallet .
saw anna jie and she asked us to pass her present to alankor .
so walked back to bandroom with pam & huiting to pass present .
wanted to slack at bandroom but have to go back class .
lol, sian at classroom -.- got goodie and ate everyting except twisties .
full liao, gave it to xiner (: stacked tables, looked at ppl wipe windows .
xD hehe . requested mstan to take photo, but she help us take .
but she take one all so blur siah -.- and only had half th class in th pic .
-.- lol . took with mstan & alot ppl come take, haha (:
wanted to take with all bandmembers in f1-1 but most walked away .
._. wen ish for some singspiration, almost dozed off xD
followed pam home, lol . dint wanted to com home -.-
actually going bowling at kallang leisure, but watched tomnjerry ;O
till wan sleep liao . & pam wanted to sleep liao .
no choice had to come home ~ -.-
;O dint managed to take ww and kor in band uni ! RAWRH .
ho, band tml from 9am-1pm !