p6 cca open hse

woke up at 0545 today ! alarm rang alot times xD
hehe . bathed, prepare tings & wen off to mrt at 0610 .
lol, super early & dark siah . very quiet oso, but got fresh air !
xD met with huiting . wen to caltex, 7-11, cheers, couldnt find ;O
wen to shopnsave, haven open . walked to ntuc, wasnt open too .
walked back to shopnsave and waited awhile for it to open .
finally wen in & search for th poppers ! xD hoho .
found it at last (: then slowly walked to sch & wen canteen .
rched, scnd time so early there ! lol, ._.
had assembly . sit infront weirdweird one, like so many tchers looking . -.-
class dimissed, sec1 band gathered & wen to bandroom ~
setup clarinet & prac awhile till th p6 came, had 5mins break in between .
saw cherry and was asked to write on th birthday card for kor ?
lol -.- just wish kor happy birthday xp hehe .
dhen had 5rounds of performing for th p6 & saw LiYin mei at last .
lol, kept looking ard for her each group came & thot i missed her xD
no chance to talk to her, lol ._. just waved .
aft band, mr samuel asked us to stay back for dk whad .
huiting kept playing with th ball and throw at kor !
LOL xD biantai ~ haha . popopopop !
huiting wen to take kor's bag and put at handicapped toilet, lol xD
anyhow pop with huiting, jassie, pam, ww . & gave kor his present .
hope kor like it ? but like weirdweird -.- looool . hm, thanks jassie ? (:
haha ~ lol ! wen canteen for awhile and came home ~
rched home, very hot, sat on th floor rest awhile .
daydream there and sooooo sleepy i lie down and sleep xD
i even climb up sofa sleep cuhs floor very hard .
slept on floor again wen th sofa very hot again, lol -.-

wearing full band uniform tml ! ahhhhhhhhhhh .
nt changing back to sch uni, lol . lazy bring xD
meeting huiting, ww, pam at busstop tml at 0615 !
ho, tml need wake earlier liao ._.