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ahgong jia

just came back frm ahgong jia, mygod, hot like anyting again ~
woke at 11+ today, com-ed till 2 & wen to pack my sec1 books .
haha ! packed till 4 & wen to bath, achooing from th dust -o-
waited for papa to arrived and wen to ahgong jia ~
headed to papa company's workshop first to put back mechanism stuffs .
rch ahgong jia, started to help out at kitchen, lol .
papa cook curry fishhead again ._. th fish head omg big .
lol, ate dinner, watch tv, wen down to see if can play bball .
soccercourt noone playing but soccerball missing -o-
nth to play and wen back to ahgong jia ._.
watched tv till 10pm and came home ~ drove aunt back home bfore coming home ~

ho, changed blog link . lazy to go everyone's blog inform :x so just relink if u saw ? thanks .

2couple keychains cousin bought from Malacca


ho, band today ~ rched sch at 8am, slack ard at canteen .
& wen to wait outside bandroom wait, and wen in ~
kor came, borrowed scissors frm kor, hehe, thanks for bringing ! :D
cut cut neorpint till fall in, and took instrument and drill at quad .
drill drill awhile, break, drill, break, drill break ._.
finally over, back to bandroom, overture & sectionals .
sectionals so boring ._. zz, then 12.30 wen back band room .
wen thru overture once, fall out, coffeeshop, sort out neoprints .
ate wanton mee, and wen library return zoemei's book .
then bought greenapple iceblended drink ~ walk to salon with pam & jas .
pam wan rebond hair & doing treatment, waited there awhile ~
then wen to mac . wl & kor came, haha . me & jas started walking off xD
hehe . walked one big round, and returned to mac .
sat down at same spot xD they came back ~ told them met at mac liao xP
LOL !! :x then walk off to shop at ntuc ~ & followed them .
haha ! walk to playgrd & slacked . wanted to pl…

hehe :D

wen amkhub today & watched city of ember w/ mama, kor & wl ~
haha ~ cnnt say too much, ltr kana by them ~ -.-
lol xP met pam earlier at mrt, waited for weilun to arrive .
then wen to amk hub, bought tickets for 3.15pm show .
walkwalk, waited for th show to start, wen in early ~
freezing cold inside ._. then .. watchwatch movie, show over xD
& wen walkwalk, eat noodle & wen to take neoprint, hahaha !

band tml ~ need wear full sch uni T-T sch socks oso ~
siaaaaaaaaaan :x waking at 7am tml, hoho !

my eyes ~ -o- PAMELA ! xP
ho, lazy to post & forgotten whad happened ~ ._.
slept at 2.30am ytd, discussing with jiejie if she wanted to eat breakfast tgt .
at alj mac at6am . finally decide liao, wen to slp till 6am,
jiejie wake me up, but too tired xP slept till 7.10am then wake .
haha, prepare and wen off ~ met ht & mama at canteen .
& wen to wait for bandroom to open outside bandroom ~
yeah, im a red ranger !! im a guy ;3 haha !
bandroom open, slackslack, set up clarinet, fall in .
ww's nt here today ._. at fencing for th pecap ! ):
drizzling for awhile, stop liao & wen quadrangle march, drill ~
mr ed taking vid here and there, so unlucky to be at th side -.-
standing on grass patches, supermany millipedes ._.
4/5 here and there ._. disgusting omg ~~ step die a few i tink ? ._.
drill over, break and wen back bandroom slackslack .
then woodwinds wen to needle work room -o-
wen in, shift tables & got ourselves in place, grey chair kana stolen T-T
i hate her -o- steal my chair and so ignorant, zz . shi…



huiting w/ spongebob ~
pikachu ~ stupid purple dino -o-
mama with spongebob ~

band today ~ woke up so early, but still nvr rch on time, haha ~
ate kokokrunch duo for breakfast at home xP
rch there, bandroom, slacked ~ then fall in ~
so many ppl late for band today, ww's sick again ):
marched and play, took trial video ._. then rhythm theory ? dkdk .
section by section, each section wrong run 1round round th field ~
aft mrsamuel tch finish, checked my phone for time, 10.50am ._.
even show jason ~ then asked robia tim is 11.50+am liao .
take out phone check again is 11.50+am liao ~ ._. jason oso saw 10.50am
zz ~ ._. then wen thru overture once i tink ? o.O
then fall in, those who had to run ard th field wen to run ~
clarinet dunnid run, mwuha ! watched them run, then fall in ~
wen to coffeeshop first, then huiting came back frm dm room .
report to dm about her stolen money -o- then eat eat .
wen to pam's hse for pam to put her trp ~ walk to pri sch .
then saw kor, LOL ! he escape t…



banana split & firehouse happy birthday

rodeo wings
retards -o-

tampines, nightmarket icecream spinning
icecream -'-

no mood to really blog ._. aftnoon wen changi airport with jiejie, begun with terminal 3 .
walked, skytrain-ed to terminal 2, walked, skytrain-ed to terminal 1 .
wen to swensen's, jiejie had a coupon that could get us 2 free icecreams .
wasnt hungry, only ordered another 'sides' & ate slowly frm 5+ to 7+ .
back to terminal 2, mrt-ed to tampines for th nightmarket .
bought a grey skull hoodie there lol, walked abit & came home at 9+ .
watched tv, make ice cream, suck, regret ._. end, bye -o-

long post !

kor zhunweng weilun driving -o-

pam & cherry !

3 guys ._.

zhunweng on ferriswheel ~

weilun on ferris wheel ~

kor on ferris wheel ~

simhuiting -o-
pamela soon ! aka mamanggee xD running from war -.- at war -.- cherry drinking yakult ! xD

cute toddlers ! xD
TEEN TITANS ! ;D waiting for family coaster ~ cherry flying/ twsiting ! xD
long post coming up :D ytd and today, hahaha ! funfun

escape ytd with ht cherry pam kor zhunweng weilun (:
woke at 10am, prepare & ate brunch and wen to alj mrt .
rched control station, noone there and waited for them to rch .
then slowly came, waited for cherry and sat train to pasir ris liao .
girls sat on floor play concentration, boys sat on chair, lol ~~
finally rch liao then walked to downtown, haha .
wen to escape and bought tickets, used nebocard discount, $7.50
lol, heng anniversary, adult ticket only cost $8.80 ~ hoho
wen in, rented locker first & stuffed everyting in .
& wen to play, hohoho ! forget whad we play first liao, haha .
but frm kor's blog we …