ytd slept at 5am, hehe . watched madagascar2 online till 3 & chatchat .
slept all th way till 1+pm, lie on bed but aftawhile fell alsp again xD
2pm, jiejie came wake me up from sleeeeeeeep ._.
shook me up, lie vertically on my legs, slap my leg, snatch my small blanket !
kept holding on to it, jiejie kept pulling and made me drop to th floor -o-
finally got back small blanket wen jiejie leave, but couldnt slp liao ._.
watched tv, msn awhile, bath and wen ahgong jia .
dint help out in th kitchen, stare at tv . omg bored ._.
nth to do at all ~ wen down with jiejie to help papa buy coconut milk .
found liao, 3rd aunt came, thot she help us but she go buy mayonnaise, lol .
waste money ._. wanted to use th remaining money buy icecream -o-
wen back ahgong jia, aft awhile wen down again with jiejie .
walkwalk & wen 7-11 buy icecream eat, hehe .
slowly walk back, papa call us urgently to ask us buy ladyfingers .
but still slowly walk to th store while eating icecream, wahaha .
bought ladyfingers, ate finish icecream & wen back ahgong jia .
rest awhile & rot at aunt's room . ate dinner ;D
dinner today was special, curry prawn, herbal chicken, braised pig trotter .
got a superduperultra big prawn !! looks so disgusting -.-
aft dinner watched weixiaobao show & ate yampaste !!
sooooo nice ! <3 aft watching wen to bowling place nearby .
watchwatch awhile, dint play, wen arcade .
zhiyang cousin sucks ! p3 so whad ? wan play whad oso must play meh .
play oso must pull alot ppl play or pull ppl pei, dabian as ._.
played at arcade till 10+ & wen back ahgong jia ~
rch ahgongjia, took belongings and wen off to carpark .
drive 4th aunt home, saw yeeyuan cousin's eyes like red .
LOL, tink cause he nvr wen to arcade and he thot we going play soccer/bball .
he cnnt exercise, but we wen arcade instead ._.
aft sending them home & came home ! hohoho .

daytona ~

MIAN BAO CHAO REN ! at arcade