huiting w/ spongebob ~
pikachu ~
stupid purple dino -o-

mama with spongebob ~

band today ~ woke up so early, but still nvr rch on time, haha ~
ate kokokrunch duo for breakfast at home xP
rch there, bandroom, slacked ~ then fall in ~
so many ppl late for band today, ww's sick again ):
marched and play, took trial video ._. then rhythm theory ? dkdk .
section by section, each section wrong run 1round round th field ~
aft mrsamuel tch finish, checked my phone for time, 10.50am ._.
even show jason ~ then asked robia tim is 11.50+am liao .
take out phone check again is 11.50+am liao ~ ._. jason oso saw 10.50am
zz ~ ._. then wen thru overture once i tink ? o.O
then fall in, those who had to run ard th field wen to run ~
clarinet dunnid run, mwuha ! watched them run, then fall in ~
wen to coffeeshop first, then huiting came back frm dm room .
report to dm about her stolen money -o- then eat eat .
wen to pam's hse for pam to put her trp ~ walk to pri sch .
then saw kor, LOL ! he escape to bus ~ -.- so evil ~~~ xP
& wen to mrt, tampines . wen there shop shop, wen everywhere ~
wen in toy r us, haha . wen to play baby toys, play monkey w/ no air bball .
found pikachu, spongebob & stupid purple dinosaur plush .
hoho ! funfun(: and slack at century sq .
sat outside a shop near cineplex, huiting bought popcorns ~
then eat eat popcorn, chatchat, look at anime figurines .
suddenly zoemei frm behind hit my head, zz . shocked siah ._.
suddenly saw her face ._. lol ~ then saw alson soh's sister .
haha ~ they wen in shop oneround and came out, lol ~
then .. uh, forget ? o.O LOL . then wen pasar malam for their takoyaki .
mrt home, saw cute baby bside ! hahaha ~ so cute ;D
dint get to take pic of th baby T-T . ok, done, mwuha (: