ho, ytd night couldnt slp and daydream on bed from 12.35 - 1.20am .
& finally fell aslp, hehe . woke up at 7.23am today ! ;D
jiejie suddenly call me from slp & told me she dreaming that i woke at 9,
and late for band & she woke up and wake me ~ lol, bathed, woke papa up .
left hse, saw zoemei & her friend at kallang mrt, haha .
bought sausage for breakfast, aunty gave me a baby pepper flavour sausage !
yay xD haha . waited for mama nggee to rch xP
wen band room, saw jason sitting outside bandroom slping .
lol ~ wen walk ard sch to see where class is next year .
wen back bandroom and saw weilun rahul & some bandmates ~
setup instrument & slowly alot ppl came one by one .
fall in, wen back bandroom take instrument, wen toilet
& fall in at quadrangle for drills again ~
learned how to hold clarinet while marching, hoho .
quite fun, hehe . but last pinkie on right hand so pain T-T
ms johnson broke my reed ! rawrh ._. evil ~~
drills & aft that wen back bandroom, mr ed talktalk, wen for sectionals .
did nth during sectionals ? lol, learn abit rhythm .
write abit notes & chased fly, lol . boring sectional ._.
wen back bandroom, kept clarinet & listen to mr ed .
fall out, wen to ate at coffeshop with mama nggee ;D
she bought fishball noodle, but her spoon dipped in chilli ._.
helped her lick away th chilli part, omg spicy ! lol ~
haha, whole mouth spicy ;D couldnt eat down my food .
too hot xD rested for awhile & cont eating, hohoho !
ate finish wen to spider web, then pam say wanted to walk ard .
walkwalk to simsville, wanted to go shuting's hse but no reply ._.
walked back to polyclinic there, to cheers, shopnsave, mac .
saw jasmine ww anna there, ho . looked at 2008 sch mag .
mygod, why pic all so clear one siah ._. ~ looked at mag till they gtg .
wen to buy milo bing drink & walked to huiting's hse .
haha ! i know how walk liao xD waited for huiting to come down .
marched while waiting, looked like crazy ppl, haha .
saw huiting's mum, immediately marched away, LOL .
xD huiting finally came down, wen to play swing .
ho, walked to shopnsave to shop ? lol ~ & wen playground .
slack awhile while playing gameboy, haha xD then came home ~