tired ~ played mahjong ytd till abt 2, chatted awhile bfore slping at 3 .
woke at 12pm, hehe . tv-ed, msn-ed, bath at 4+ & wen to meet papa ~
wen to hougang market nearby to buy snacks to eat, ho .
then to punggol pick ahgong up & wen ju en laorenyuan visit ahma .
ahma is omg thin -o- waited for mama to feed finish ahma and wen off ~
ate dinner at koufu kopitiam, sent ahgong back .
wen expo at 7+ so many ppl ~ bangbangbang ._. reeeetards !
bought alot tings but dint found packaged yam paste -o-
finally came out at 9+ eating icecream, hehe .
waited for papa to drive lorry here and came home ~ tired ._.
band tml hoho !