had band ytd, aft band wen to Kembangan there to order bbq foods .
order liao & came home ~

wen kallang leisure today w/ pam shu dayna shannen kat,
edgar zhenhong damien weiye likjung ~
met at kallang mrt, was 4th to rch ;D haha .
all rched liao, waited for shuting but she called us to go first .
rch kallang leisure and wen koufu, ate mango icekachang !
but accidentally dropped th top part ! :x MY MANGO !! ._.
lol, wen arcade and saw simhuiting, haha .
played played in arcade, watched huiting spent over $10+ .
to grab a stitch ! lol, but at last still nvr caught ._.
tried grabbing minnie but so hard to grab ;o
dhen wen watch thecoffin w/ only pam me huiting shannen & shu .
dayna and kat wen watch hsm3 ;o boys say no money watch, zz .
missed th first 10+mins cuhs wen in late ._. lols .
but thruout th movie was screaming,hugging pam wen got scary parts xD
huiting whole movie was either covering eyes or looking at her cheesefries !
lol, like only watched abit of th movie ? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ._.
overall okok, only watching scary . I WAN WATCH AGAIN ! xP
ho, finished liao wen to find boys at bowling there .
played a game too, lol . i suuuuuuuuuuuck ._.
aft playing walkwalk abit, waited for bus 11 to come .
board bus 11 back to kallang mrt and walked home ~ ._.

found th bbq store !

huiting ordering ~


5 guys ._.

huiting's crushed bottle ._.