ho, waterbombs today . huiting woke me at 8.38am aft 4missed calls ._.
woke, took a long time to choose clothes and wen bath .
walked to mrt with jiejie & chiong to mac .
lol, was late for like an hour ? xp hehe .
ate breakfast and walked to kor's hse . rched there slacked ard .
waited for time to pass while sitting, decided to go up slack .
was at th staircase taking pics and singing ;o
saw kor's maid, she asked us wan go in & tink she wen woke kor up .
lol ._. singsing, got one neighbour open th door & stare at us .
zz, we took lift down one floor and wen up staircase .
slack & emo ~ finally at 1.05 wen to see whad kor doing .
trying koala hug outside kor's hse too :x LOL ~ somehow we wen in ?
._. wen in slack and played stress, wen helen's room .
wanted to slp but pam dunwan, zz . bade kor byebye and wen off .
wen 7-11 and saw a shop selling plastics, bought plastics .
& wen huiting's house to make waterbombs, played a lil .
ate at hawker and came home, zz .
no mood/lazy post pics . tml bah -.-